Basketball Betting NBA Early Odds 2019 – Can Warriors Three-peat?

The Golden State Warriors have just finished another unbelievable season having swept the Cleveland Cavaliers and beating them in the NBA Finals for the second straight year. This team is a well-polished machine and what they have built may not go away for a very long time. The most notable free agent for the Warriors would be Kevin Durant and he is going nowhere. He will stay put and he will be shown the money. Bob Myers GM of the Warriors, was quoted saying “Durant can have whatever he wants”. The two time and back to back MVP will be staying in Oakland, there is little doubt.

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The Cavilers are in trouble as an organization and they appear to be losing LeBron James. Quite possibly the free agency of James will turn into the largest blockbuster deal of all time in the NBA. For all of those saying there is no chance that LeBron resigns with Cleveland, rethink that. James is the man in Cleveland, he is the only man in Cleveland and he will always be the man in the city, with the fans and with the team. What he has done for Cleveland is unparalleled, no other player has come close or will come close to what he has done for this team. LeBron is in a unique position in that he can do whatever he wants to do, he can go wherever he wants to go and pretty much dictate how much he will be signing for. Whether or not the Cav’s can afford him, that’s doubtful. Can they find the money? Sure they can and LeBron can always take less and he may. He is from Akron, he loves the state and he promised to stay. He also promised to stay in Miami!

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LeBron James has decisions to make for his future and he must sort out what’s important to him. Is it money, championships or both? If he does leave Cleveland, whichever team hit the lottery and hooks this man; their stock just went up in droves.

The Warriors need not do anything. They have a near perfect team with a near perfect coaching staff. As of now, the Warriors have to be considered a front runner to win the 2019 championship once again. This squad along with Steve Kerr, they want to win another and they will do whatever it takes to keep their five intact. The Warriors can beat anybody and they proved it against Houston in the Western Finals and then in the finals.

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Be sure to check with your favorite online bookmaker for the latest future odds and jump on the numbers you like. The key here is to get in early. If you think that LeBron has a chance to stay in Cleveland then by all means, jump on the Cav’s. Vegas has the Cav’s as a 25/1 odd on favorite to win a championship. Of course they are thinking that LeBron is gone.