2020 NFL Betting Stats Thru Week 4

2020 NFL Betting Stats Thru Week 4

Undefeated Starts

Through four weeks in the NFL season, there are still six undefeated teams leading their divisions. Here at sportsoddshistory.com, we’re always bringing you the stats and facts you crave. Today we bring you the 2020 NFL betting stats thru Week 4.

Four of them are at 4-0, with the Titans and Steelers at 3-0. Tennessee and Pittsburgh were scheduled to meet in Week 4, but the game was postponed due to COVID-19 cases on the Titans.

Green Bay has been particularly dominant, leading the league in average points scored (38.0) and margin of victory (12.8). The defending Super Bowl champion, Kansas City, has been strong defensively, giving up just 17.5 points a game. Seattle, led by quarterback Russell Wilson, is second in the league in scoring at 35.5 points a game.

In the AFC East, 4-0 Buffalo has sprinted out to a two-game lead over New England. The Patriots are adjusting to life without Tom Brady, and the Bills are the new kid on the block. Tennessee has followed up its AFC title game appearance with a good start, but has only a two-point victory margin.

Winless in the Big Apple

Both New York teams are winless, and their combined points scored is less than nine NFL teams. The Jets, in particular, have been abysmal, losing all four games by an average of 16.5 points. If you want to be a smarter bettor, you need to know that the Jets are also one of four teams who have yet to cover a spread all season.

The Giants are scoring only 11.8 points a game, less than half the league average of 25.7. Their defense is respectable, but they’re still losing by double digits per game. The other two teams without a victory are Atlanta and Houston, which just fired head coach Bill O’Brien.

Spread? What Spread?

The Packers and Seahawks are the only teams that have covered the point spread in all of their games. It’s important to know these 2020 NFL betting stats. For anyone riding with free picks from these guys have been cashing in.

Those stats are not surprising given Green Bay’s margin of victory, but Seattle’s games have been somewhat closer. Still, the Seahawks have found a way to cover in every game.

Then there are the teams that have failed to cover at all. In addition to the Jets, betting on the Cowboys, Texans and Titans has been a losing proposition. It’s understandable with Dallas and Houston, who are a combined 1-7. But Tennessee is still undefeated, but only wins by an average of two points per game.

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Over My Head

So far this season, the cumulative over/under betting lines have been 249 points lower than the total points scored. That means, on average, the over/under line is almost four points less than the actual points scored. Teams are combining for an average of 51.3 points a game, a record for this point in the season.

For Week 4, the average was a little more than two points a game under the actual points. It’s still translating into consistent wins for across-the-board over bets. On the season, the over has paid out in 35 games and the under in 23, with five pushes. A bet of $10 on the over in every game would have netted a cool $108.