5 Greatest Accomplishments In Brett Favre’s Career

Favre has a unique ability to throw from anywhere in the field. Not only that, but there are many NFL records which he continues to hold even though he retired in 2010. His natural ability to move throughout the field as a quarterback is what made him stand out, and many believe that Favre was an iconic player who helped shape the NFL into what it is today.

There are so many reasons why he is considered a superstar player, that it can be hard to quantify. Because of this, and other players with a similar natural ability, the Odds To Win Super Bowl are rapidly changing. Here are five of Brett Favre’s greatest accomplishments throughout his career.

NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team

One of Favre’s most iconic achievements is that he was selected to be part of the 100th Anniversary All-Time Team. This is a list with some of the greatest players within the NFL, that honors the best players and members of the championship during the first century of the NFL running.

A player needs to be selected for this by being voted for by a panel of 26 members. These include players from the past, coaches, and managers. Favre was placed in the quarterback position, along with other iconic players like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Jonny Unitas, John Elway and more.

Iron Man Streak

Another incredible achievement which Favre still holds today is the record for the longest “Iron Man” streak. The quarterback started for 297 consecutive games in the NFL. That is the most for any quarterback, although the title fell to Peyton Manning who is regarded as the current “Iron Man”.

This is due to his active status, and the fact that he is currently defending 204 consecutive plays which is predicted to increase. However, the “Iron Man” status is a huge honor which many players strive towards. Favre maintained that title for many years, and it is exciting to see how Manning lives up to the expectations.

MVP Titles

In addition, Favre stood out among many of his teammates for having three MVP titles. These were given consecutively, from 1995 and 1997, which was the most times that something like this had happened at the time they were awarded. This is only part of the reason why Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 2016.

As well as having the most consecutive MVP titles at the time, Favre received eleven Pro Bowl selections during his career. He also had three first-team All Pro selections. It is easy to understand why Favre is one of the most well-known players within the history of the NFL.


Another quality that made Favre a standout star player was his consistency. From the start to the end of his career, the quarterback was able to make an impression on the field.

Favre’s accomplishments are not limited to the NFL. He set so many records as a college football player, thanks to his natural ability to move throughout the field. His jersey number four has been retired by the Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team.

Not only that, but Favre was the first quarterback to defeat all of the NFL’s 32 franchises during his professional career. His consistency and drive are what helped create an unstoppable power on the field, and Favre was also the first quarterback to win a playoff game over the age of forty.

Favre was highly committed to the sport, which was seen through his 18 seasons where he didn’t miss a single game. In fact, he only missed a total of eight games during his entire career.

Cold Weather Success

Among other records, his performance as a quarterback was unmatched at the time. This is especially true when it comes to playing during cold weather. Favre was known as one of the greatest cold-weather quarterbacks of all-time. Surprisingly, he defended an impressive record for his performance on the field when the temperature was below 40 Fahrenheit.

During these games, it is natural to expect some form of decline. However, Favre defied the odds and had a record of 44-17 during very low temperatures. The quarterback was able to create a reputation for himself when he was the Packers’ starter, and he won the first 35 home games when the temperature was a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

It isn’t hard to understand why Favre gained popularity as a cold-weather quarterback, because the lower temperatures did not seem to bother him at all.


Many have named Brett Favre as one of the most legendary quarterbacks of all time, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Thanks to his record performance and long career, Favre maintains some of the most impressive records that were achieved many years ago. Some of these still stand today.

Because there are so many new players coming into the light, it is exciting to think about players from the past. This can help us imagine what type of player they will be, and how they will grow their professional careers on the field.