5 Oldest Players to Be Named Super Bowl MVP

They say with age comes experience, and that is certainly true for these MVP winners
With the 2021-22 Super Bowl fast approaching, people are starting to wonder which team will be crowned the winner and who will win the MVP award for the match this year.

The Super Bowl will take place between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals this year. If Matthew Stafford and the Rams take home the trophy this year, and the quarterback wins the MVP title, he will be the (joint) 4th oldest player ever to win the award.

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5th Oldest Player(s) – 32 years old

We are kicking this list off with a record held by 4 people. The four players who were awarded the Super Bowl MVP title at age 32 are:

1. Bart Starr (see next section as well)
2. Phil Simms
3. Doug Williams
4. Jullian Edelman

Bart Starr is one of two players to feature multiple times on this list. He was named Super Bowl MVP two years in a row, at age 32 and 33. He is the only player to do this, and he is one of only 5 players to win the title more than once. Starr was named MVP at Super Bowl 1 and Super Bowl 2. He is the original Super Bowl MVP.

Edelman was named MVP in 2018 when the New England Patriots won their 6th title in less than 15 years. He broke records with the award by becoming the first Jewish player ever to win this award.

4th Oldest Player(s) – 33 years old

There are 7 players that fall into this category and share the record for 4th oldest player to be named Super Bowl MVP. These players are:

1. Steve Young
2. Ottis Anderson
3. Joe Montana
4. John Riggins
5. Jim Plunkett
6. Bart Starr
7. Fred Biletnikoff

IF Stafford is named MVP this year then he will also join this group.

Steve Young, who was named MVP in 1994, was the most recent of these players to be given the award. There is only one player older than him that has won the award in the last 3 years.

3th Oldest Player(s) – 34 years old

There are two players that won the Super Bowl MVP title at the age of 34 – Len Dawson and Chuck Howley. Howley won the award in 1970 and Dawson won it the year before in 1969.

There are three really interesting points to note about Howley's winning of the award. Firstly, he was the first player who wasn't a quarterback to ever win the award. Secondly, he was the first defensive player ever to win the award. And thirdly, he is the only player from the losing side ever to win the award.

Len Dawson was the 4th quarterback in a row to win the MVP award at the Super Bowl. In that match, he completed 12 of 17 passes for 142 yards and one touchdown, with one interception. His tea won 23-7.

Both men went on playing for many years after setting these records.

2nd Oldest Player – 38 Years Old

Between the years 1998 and 2016, John Elway was the oldest player ever to win a Super Bowl and he was the oldest ever Super Bowl MVP winner. These records were snatched away by the number 1 player on this list. But that doesn't make Elway's achievements any less impressive.

We think it will be a very long time before someone takes second place away from Elway – if it ever happens.

Elway ended his career on a high – throwing for 336 yards and beating the Falcons in the 1997-1998 Super Bowl. Elway and the Broncos had won the Super Bowl the year before but Elway had not been named MVP that year.

We think that with the career Elway had, there could have been no better way for him to end his career, than after his 5th Super Bowl match as the Super Bowl MVP.

1st Oldest Player – 43 years old

Tom Brady has been named the Super Bowl MVP 5 times, three of these times would have put him in this Top 5 list.

He was named Super Bowl MVP at 37, 39, and at 43. This would have put him at 1st, 2nd, and 4th place on this list.

It is hard to believe that anyone will ever break this record but we had been saying that about Elway's record until 4 years ago.

Brady's most recent record-breaking MVP title was won in the 2020-21 Super Bowl. In this match he became the oldest player ever to win the Super Bowl, the first person to win it 7 times, the Bucs became the first team to ever play at a home Super Bowl, and the first team to ever win at one.

Technically, Tom Brady holds the record for being the oldest, 2nd oldest, and 4th oldest player ever to win the Super Bowl MVP title. He also holds the record for most Super Bowl wins.