5 Reasons Why Esports Betting Should Be Legal Across the US

Almost every state in America has legalized gambling in live casinos. People love taking trips to place a few bets in hopes of getting a good payout.

While traditional slots and table games are fan favorites, sports betting is now being legalized more widely. Alongside sports betting has come esports betting.

Esports refers to multiplayer video game competitions between professional players. They tend to be high stakes games that people around the world watch, enjoy, and bet on.

Not every state has legalized esports betting. Gambling alone is not favored by all states, so it makes sense that esports would also be a controversial subject.

Despite the backlash, it would be beneficial to legalize esports gambling across the US for these five reasons.

1. Many States Have Already Legalized Esports Betting

States are on their own to decide whether or not to legalize esports betting. Some states have legalized it, but others are a bit hesitant to.

Such states as Indiana, Colorado, and Michigan have already passed laws that allow online sports betting.

In addition to online sports betting, live casinos are also offering sports betting. According to Weekly Slots News, a casino in Indiana right near Chicago recently began to offer sports betting options. With the number of players that are attracted to sports betting, esports would likely have a similar impact. More visitors would go to casinos they’ve never been before and log into online casinos run by their state.

The states that have already legalized esports betting are seeing a huge boost in the industry, making it clear that all states should consider the legalization of esports betting.

2. Legalization Helps Eliminate Corrupted Betting

Anything illegal makes some people want to participate in it more. That leads to unsafe methods of gambling with a lack of protection for valuable bets.

Not only is a player’s money unsafe in an illegal betting situation, but it is welcoming players who are not legal gambling age to participate. Since video games attract a younger crowd, they might get into the industry without realizing it is not legal.

Legalizing esports betting would help to prevent corruption in an industry that is already bringing in billions of dollars to the economy. Rather than risking the safety of bettors, it would help them by bringing in state revenue.

The billions of dollars that esports can bring into the economy go to waste when betting takes place underground. To benefit state residents and keep them protected, legalizing esports betting would make the most sense.

3. It Offers Another Way to Gamble

Spending time in the casino is fun for a while, but the same games over a period of time can get a little boring. Only so many spins on the slots and hands of poker can be entertaining.

According to Lucian Marinescu at Online Casino Gems, “People love spending time at the slots, but sports betting is a new way gambling lover can take a chance at winning big.”

With some casinos opening their doors up for sports betting, casino goers are filling their time with new ways to win. Placing sports bets in live casinos makes watching sports matches all season more fun.

The audience that casinos attract will also grow significantly. While not everyone loves traditional casino games, those who don’t might take a liking to sports betting.
New crowds can lead to more growth of casinos both live and online. States will see the huge impact that esports and sports betting can have through the new attraction that it offers residents.

4. Big-Name Casinos are Offering Esports Betting to Visitors

Not only are small gambling locations taking on the esports betting industry. Big-name casinos are joining the scene, too.

With the rise of esports betting, more players want a taste of it, so some of the hottest and most popular gambling sites are offering esports betting.

Big casino resorts in Atlantic City are accepting esports bets to keep the crowds coming. They are working to attract younger audiences who might be more interested in online gambling instead.

This widens the scope of visitors within state lines and attracts out of state visitors as well. Casinos in other states can also benefit from the flow of visitors that allowing esports betting would bring.

People love sports betting and would be willing to head to a casino to place their bets if it is a local hotspot. Locals won’t have to travel as far to enjoy the pastime that they love with a few friends.

5. It’s Easily Accessible Online

Even though there are so many fun casino locations across the country, not everyone can visit them frequently. They might be far from home or simply dislike the atmosphere.

For the esports bettors that don’t want to take the trip out to a live casino, online casinos are now offering esports betting as well.

According to Gamblers Daily Digest, players can place their bets on their favorite online casinos and receive a payout if the odds are in their favor. Popular online casinos are accessible via computer and mobile devices, putting one of America’s favorite pastimes into the hands of those who live in states where it is legalized.

Once esports betting is legal in every state, all players could have it at their fingertips. This could easily expand the market and increase state revenue while also making players happy.

With the rising popularity of esports betting, more players around the country are looking to participate in it. To keep esports betting safe and regulated, it is a good choice to work toward legalizing it in all states.

Vulnerable populations could be at stake when it comes to unregulated esports betting. Teens under the gambling age and those living outside of a state where it is legal could be putting their possessions at risk.

At the end of the day, legalizing esports betting across the country would keep the industry booming and provide more profits to every state. Appealing to the younger generations who love video games will keep the gambling tradition in America alive.