A quick look at the NFL Power Rankings for Week 4

The NFL season is just starting, but there’s already a lot to talk about and take into consideration when we try to identify the league's best teams after three complete games. There are no big surprises in the official NFL ranking, but there are a few things that are worthy of mentioning and recognizing.

The reigning champions, Kansas City Chiefs, led by an incredible performance by Patrick Mahomes so far, are taking back the top spot this week, after a not so strong start in the first couple of games. The Chiefs had to struggle a little bit more than expected to get started, but what we saw last Monday against Baltimore is just plain championship stuff by Mahomes and the team in general.

This is how the official NFL ranking Top 10 looks like for Week 4

1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5. Seattle Seahawks
6. Buffalo Bills
7. Tennessee Titans
8. New England Patriots
9. LA Rams
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Out of this Top 10, we definitely expected to see the Chiefs, Ravens and Seahawks in some of the top spots, and there they are, but it’s also important to mention the great start that the Packers have had, always led by great Aaron Rodgers’ performances, and other than this, it’s refreshing to see teams like the Steelers, Bills, Titans and Rams doing a good job and putting some pressure on the big favorites.

In the case of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we must say that we did expect to see them stealing some of the spotlight, but it was a little bit uncertain to predict how both teams would look after the major changes they suffered during the offseason.

The Pats are just starting to get used to not having Tom Brady in the team after so many years, but Cam Newton is a great replacement, we must say, not only quality wise, but personality wise too, he’s a young, yet experienced player who knows what it is to be on the spotlight and be the face of a team. On the other hand, Tom Brady is also getting used to playing for a different organization, a different division and a different conference, along with a new coach and new teammates. It must not be an easy task for him after so many years leading the Patriots and making NFL history over there, but the team is 2-1 now in the top spot of the NFC South, and maybe it’s time we start paying attention to what the Buccs can do.

Week 4 is coming, and things will certainly shake up a little from now on, it’s great to see so much competitiveness so early in the season, great rivalries, and matchups. We can’t wait to see
how things will start shaping up in the next few weeks of this new NFL season.