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1974 Academy Awards Odds

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Odds from the day of the Academy Awards

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Best Picture

Movie Odds Result
The Sting +160 ** WINNER **
The Exorcist +160  
A Touch of Class +600  
Ameican Graffiti +800  
Cries and Whispers +1000  

Best Director

Name Movie Odds Result
The Sting George Roy Hill +300 ** WINNER **
The Exorcist William Friedkin +300  
Cries and Whispers Ingmar Bergman +300  
Ameican Graffiti George Lucas +600  
Last Tango in Paris Bernardo Bertolucci +600  

Best Actor

Name Movie Odds Result
Save the Tiger Jack Lemmon +200 ** WINNER **
The Sting Robert Redford +300  
The Last Detail Jack Nicholson +400  
Serpico Al Pacino +500  
Last Tango in Paris Marlon Brando +2000  

Best Actress

Name Movie Odds Result
A Touch of Class Glenda Jackson +800 ** WINNER **
The Exorcist Ellen Burstyn +250  
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams Joanne Woodward +250  
Cinderella Liberty Marsha Mason +250  
The Way We Were Barbra Steisand +500  

Best Supporting Actor

Name Movie Odds Result
The Paper Chase John Houseman +160 ** WINNER **
The Exorcist Jason Miller +250  
Save the Tiger Jack Gilford +400  
The Last Detail Randy Quaid +400  
Bang the Drum Slowly Vincent Gardenia +1500  

Best Supporting Actress

Name Movie Odds Result
Paper Moon Tatum O'Neal +250 ** WINNER **
The Exorcist Linda Blair +250  
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams Sylvia Sidney +250  
Paper Moon Madeline Kahn +800  
Ameican Graffiti Cindy Clark +800