1999 Academy Awards Odds

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Odds from the day of the Academy Awards

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Best Picture

Movie Odds Result
Saving Private Ryan -200 ** WINNER **
Shakespeare in Love +250  
Life is Beautiful +500  
The Thin Red Line +1800  
Elizabeth +3000  

Best Actor

Name Movie Odds Result
Roberto Benigni Life is Beautiful +250 ** WINNER **
Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan +250  
Ian McKellen Gods and Monsters +300  
Nick Nolte Affliction +160  
Edward Norton American History X +2500  

Best Actress

Name Movie Odds Result
Gwyneth Paltrow Shakespeare in Love -300 ** WINNER **
Cate Blanchett Elizabeth +200  
Fernanda Montenegro Central Station +2500  
Meryl Streep One True Thing +2000  
Emily Watson Hilary and Jackie +2200