Always Have a Strategy

In the age of COVID, bookie strategy is a big deal. You must know how to plan, how to budget, and what the important day-to-day details are. Let’s throw down the gauntlet, you must have an online presence, or you are dead in the water. It’s plain and simple, your clients love you, but they can’t be loyal. You are probably a local bookie and you can offer them limited sporting events, but you certainly can’t offer them what they want the most; a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. You can turn this around right now and reclaim your clients by finding an online presence with the help of a pay per head.

· The PPH is the only way to take your business online tomorrow, and for an affordable price. The best PPH providers on the internet are charging around $7-$13 per head, per week.

· Before we talk about the benefits of a PPH, let’s first talk about price, how it works, and the affordability factor. The PPH charges between $7-$10 per head, per week, this means that for every player you have that places at least one wager in a fiscal week, you will pay the PPH fee for them, one time, and one time only. If they place one bet, you are on the hook for the fee, if they place 1,000 bets, you are on the hook for the same fee. Your player may place as many or as few bets as they choose to place, you will be charged one time per week and one time only.

· Let’s suppose that you have 25 active players on your roster. This means they are placing at least one bet per week. 25 X $7 = $175 per week. This is what you would pay in one week of fees for your 25 players to place an unlimited number of bets.

· How is this cost-effective for you? Doesn’t this simply rack up a bill that you don’t need? NO, it does not, and here is how you can get around the PPH fees altogether… Most online sportsbooks set a minimum wager dollar amount. Most are around $5-$10 per wager. Let’s suppose that your PPH fee is $7 per head, per week. If you charge at least a $7 minimum on every wager that is placed, you are taking care of the per head fee with just one wager. Just one wager with a minimum wager amount of $7, pays for your week of fees for that player and you do not have to pay another penny, remember just one fee per head, per week and it doesn’t matter how many bets they place. By setting this minimum, you are receiving the PPH services for free.

How does the PPH benefit you?

· The PPH is a service provider to bookies. They offer you the best software in the world, this is a bookie management system that allows you to give all of your day’s work to them! You have to do nothing. The PPH will custom-build you a gaming website for free. They will have it available in a couple of days and you can be earning money this weekend.

· The PPH sets all of the day's sporting events for you, they set all of the daily lines and odds along with all of the day’s side bets. They also set all of the prop odds, the future bets, and they even offer politics, current events, lotto, clients bonuses, free play, free bets, and much more.

· Your entire operation is set up on a state of the art user interface that makes for easy and quick betting. The Pay per head offers a huge wagering menu with a wide variety of options such as live lines, dynamic lines, hundreds of daily prop odds, and every way to bet on every sport known to man!

Now is the time to take control of your gaming operation with a top-notch sportsbook, a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from around the world, and a Las Vegas style-casino that features more than 100 games, the hottest slots, and all of the best table games. Call the PPH today and turn 20202 around. You can be earning a six-figure income. Make the call.
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Learn more about Pay Per Head:

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