Are the Patriots favorites in the NFL again after acquiring Cam Newton?

Things certainly took a sharp turn in the football world a few weeks ago, when NFL living legend, Tom Brady, announced that he was leaving the New England Patriots, the team were he played and starred for the past 20 years, and where he won his 6 Super Bowl rings, 4 Super Bowl MVP awards, and 3 NFL MVP’s. Not too long after, Brady confirmed he was moving to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that created lots of noise, of course, and even caused retired players to come back to life, like his long-time friend and teammate, Rob Gronkowski.

The Buccaneers are now second favorites in the race to win the NFC South division in the NFL, just behind the New Orleans Saints. But what happens now in New England? With Tom Brady leaving, things are a little blurry for Bill Belichick and company, we know the Pats are a great organization, o course, but what happens when you lose your iconic player, the one you have been playing for and shaping your team around for so many years?

Some people saw this coming, others didn’t think it was possible, but the fact is that the New England Patriots recently announced the signing of another NFL MVP, Cam Newton, who had his MVP season in 2015 in Carolina, and then slowed down for a bit, mostly due to injuries. Is Cam Newton the answer for the Pats? Are they Super Bowl contenders again? That’s precisely what we want to know.

With Cam Newton the Patriots are back on top of the AFC East

Cam Newton had a shoulder surgery in January 2019, and then a foot fracture at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, which of course, caused him to miss many games. This year, on March 17th, the Panthers announced that they allowed Newton to seek a trade, and a little later, on March 24th, they announced that the 2015 NFL MVP QB was officially released from the team.

It took 3 long months for Newton to find a new home, but the Patriots just made It official, and this certainly shakes things up again in the league. Is Newton in good shape? Is he a good fit for the Patriots? Well, according to recent news, the QB is fully recovered from both injuries and ready to play at max level again. It will be Belichik’s homework to make sure he’s 100% ready once the season starts in September. If so, we can only assume he will be the team’s starting QB, and that we’ll see a whole different team from what we’re used to, a lot more dynamic by ground, with a whole new set of plays designed for him and his offense.

These are the odds to win the AFC East right now at Pay per head247, just after the trade was announced:
– New England Patriots -110
– Buffalo Bills +140
– New York Jets +950
– Miami Dolphins +1300

Here are the favorites to win the AFC:
– Kansas City Chiefs +245
– Baltimore Ravens +250
– New England Patriots +1050

These are the favorites to win the NFL Super Bowl:
– Kansas City Chiefs +530
– Baltimore Ravens +540
– San Francisco 49ers +950
– New Orleans Saints +1100
– Dallas Cowboys +1500
– Seattle Seahawks +1750
– New England Patriots +2000

Do you think the Patriots have what it takes to win a new ring now that they have Cam Newton instead of Tom Brady? It will be fun to watch, that’s for sure! NFL is coming back soon, so make sure you contact a good pay per head site right now and get your sportsbook operation all set up for action again!