Are You Ready to Make Money?

It’s almost time for the NFL.

Despite 2020 being the toughest year for pay per head (PPH) bookies because of COVID-19 and all sports having to be postponed or cancelled, the NFL is expected to play a full season.

Sure, fans won’t be in the stands to begin the season at nearly every stadium, but that’s not going to impact online betting handles. This could be one of the busiest NFL seasons for bookies.

Preparing for the NFL Season

With the NFL regular season almost here – the time to make money is now.

Here are a few steps to follow to prepare yourself for the upcoming NFL season:

1. Communicate with Your Players: Let your players know you’re back for the football season and get them active again. Converting inactive players is easier than finding new players.

2. Build a NFL Promotion: We like offering contests to our clients. Offer an NFL survivor pool to players that make a $250+ deposit before the first Sunday of the season.

Contests are a great way to get players to fund their accounts. Require a qualifying deposit to earn an entry into the contest. You’ll need to add a prize pool, but it’ll be worth it for most bookies.

3. Improve NFL Betting Board: Is your PPH offering NFL props? If not, it’s time to switch. You’ll also want to offer comprehensive live NFL betting markets (in-play).

Live betting and wagering on player props are huge money makers during the NFL season.

You want to offer as many NFL props as possible. It’ll increase turnover. Just make sure you create betting limits for props that are lower than straight bets. Props are a volume market.

Ideally, you want players betting on a large volume of NFL props. You’re going to end up crushing your players from the increased commissions earned on exotic betting markets like NFL props.

4. Start a Marketing Campaign: If you have a marketing budget, now is easily the best time to run an advertising campaign. Reach out to sports betting websites and find out how much they would charge to write a review on their website about your online sportsbook.

You’d be surprised how inexpensive marketing can be in some cases. You’re not going to have ads on the big betting portals with a small budget, but you can get reviews for $50-$250+ on quality sports betting websites. Another benefit when doing this is the SEO value of the links.

Now Is the Time to Make Bank

Make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming NFL season. There’s still plenty of time to switch PPH providers if need be. It’s better to switch now to a service that offers live NFL betting and props.

One thing about the NFL season is it’s over before you know it. If you’re not preparing before the season starts, you’re going to be fumbling around when you should be making money.

With a limited college football season in 2020 (most conferences aren’t even playing), everyone is going to want to bet on the NFL. After a slow start to 2020, things are turning around for bookies.