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How Sportsbooks Generate Betting Odds

How Sportsbooks Generate Betting Odds

Learn how sportsbooks generate betting odds.

Key Points

– Generating betting odds is done with the help of computer technology.

– The human factor is still involved in generating betting odds and lines.

How Sportsbooks Generate Betting Odds

Over time, sportsbooks have undergone a significant change in how they create their odds and betting lines. Old-school Vegas oddsmakers used to control the sports betting market, but a lot has changed since the introduction of online sportsbooks and the optimization of sports betting software and algorithms.

So, how exactly are lines and odds generated by sportsbooks? Everything you need to know about the procedure, the participants, and the development of oddsmaking will be covered in this post. It all starts with understanding the goals of the bookie.


Bookmakers' Goals

The ultimate goal set by the sportsbooks – to balance the action on both sides of a wager – hasn't changed much since the beginning of sports betting. Understanding this can help bettors do things like win more NBA first half bets.

If you understand odds, you are aware of how to calculate implied probability. Remember, that implied probability in a sporting event rarely adds up to an even 100 percent. That’s because betting lines are not made to represent the likelihood of either outcome.

Smart bettors know that placing a wager when one believes there is a discrepancy between the actual probability and implied probability is one of the best ways to gain an advantage over a sportsbook.

The bottom line in understanding lines and odds are calculated is to remember that bookies and sportsbooks are in the business of making money, not in predicting the outcome of sporting events.

How Do Betting Odds Get Calculated?

The odds and/or lines are designed to generate the same amount of activity on both sides of a bet. A sportsbook would profit 5–10% on the juice (also known as the “vig”) in an ideal world where there is equal betting volume on both sides of a wager.

As a result, it's crucial to comprehend that oddsmakers' primary goal is to reduce risk for the sportsbook rather than to paint an accurate picture of reality. Think of today's oddsmakers as risk management experts as well as knowledgeable sports forecasters.

Old-School Oddsmaking

Although bookmakers' goals have not changed since sportsbooks first appeared, their strategies undoubtedly have. 

Oddsmakers used to congregate around chalkboards in messy backrooms of Las Vegas to brainstorm the right numbers long before the spread of computer technology.

Many of the most renowned and famous oddsmakers were born and lived in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. That’s  because sports betting has been permitted in Nevada for such a long time. Numerous consulting companies for oddsmaking still have their headquarters in Las Vegas.

Power Rankings

Before the advent of online sportsbooks, oddsmakers made their own distinctive power ratings for the various sports. The bookie community has always kept how they develop their power ratings a secret.

The general consensus is that these rating systems are similar to those used by media organizations. Traditional sports statistics and intangible factors were combined to create power rankings while balancing schedule, team performance, and individual player performance.

Power rankings take into account, for example, how NBA odds history impacts the current season. Power rankings consider historical factors.

After establishing their own power rankings, oddsmakers would produce an opening number by taking into account the injury report and what some old bookies called “horse sense,” which was really just gut instinct. Oddsmakers then adjusted the line and the odds associated with it as more money came in.

Today’s Bookmaking

More people than ever before have responsibilities in oddsmaking today. A bookmaker's “gut feeling” isn't nearly as prominent as it once was, but the “horse sense” that handicappers used to build odds is still used in the process.

In today's oddsmaking, statisticians and mathematicians play a big part. The creation of odds is done using a variety of formulas, numbers, stats, and more. With the help of modern computing power, mathematicians and statisticians pore over decades' worth of data, incorporating trends that can be found in a matter of seconds. 

Power ratings continue to serve a very important function in the process, but there is much more to it. Calculating mathematical risk management, analyzing the public's response to particular lines, and comprehending bettor behavior all play significant roles in determining odds. 

Outsourcing Betting Odds

It costs a lot of money to employ a team of statisticians, mathematicians, and handicappers. This eats into overhead costs. As a result, many sportsbooks today outsource their oddsmaking. 

Sportsbooks are reportedly spending less on internal oddsmaking and risk management and more on advertising and promotions. It’s more cost-effective to pay someone else to set the betting odds and lines.

Betting sites then spend more money on keeping players betting at their sportsbooks

It’s a Copycat Industry

The global sports betting market is bigger than it has ever been. It is showing no signs of slowing down either. Sportsbooks have less room to stand out from the competition. Everybody has instant access to odds at online sportsbooks, and some sportsbooks simply copy lines and odds from one another.

Books put less emphasis on original lines and betting odds. They spend less money on oddsmaking so they can focus on what pays the bills – bringing in more bettors. 

Some sportsbooks do continue to set their own betting odds and lines. In the industry, many sportsbooks get their opening lines from offshore betting sites. They will then modify those numbers to suit their bettors and achieve the goal of equal action on both sides of the bet.

Independent Oddsmaking Consultants

There are third-party companies in the industry that provide betting odds and lines to sportsbooks. These companies will use data analysis and proprietary algorithms to generate odds and lines. 

Sportsbooks contract with these consulting companies and pay a fee for lines and odds for their entire betting board. It’s a huge savings and that money can be spent elsewhere (typically advertising).

There are some unique situations where a sportsbook will set its own odds. This happens in situations where a book is offering an unusual or exotic bet. This might be a bet on a TV show or a presidential election. The sportsbook may still utilize its consulting firm, but the sportsbook will have the final say in terms of betting odds and lines.



Examining NCAAB Odds History & Impact on 2022-23 Season

Examining NCAAB Odds History & Impact on 2022-23 Season

Here’s a look at NCAAB odds history and how it may impact the 2022-23 season.

Key Points

– NCAAB odds history gives bettors some insight into the 2022-23 season.

– Bettors can use NCAAB odds history to build a profile of the national champion.

Examining NCAAB Odds History

In the last five NCAA college basketball tournaments, one program has been the overall No. 1 seed four times. That program was the overall betting favorite heading into four of those five tournaments as well.

It’s no surprise then that the program in question here is also the overall betting favorite to win the 2022-23 national championship. When examining NCAAB odds history, you will find that Gonzaga, under head coach Mark Few, has been the preseason betting favorite a number of times over the past several seasons.

That may not be surprising, but there is plenty that comes as a surprise. Here’s a look at some NCAAB odds history and how it may impact the 2022-23 college basketball season.


Champions Preseason NCAAB Odds History

Just before the new season got underway this year, Gonzaga was a +800 favorite to win this season’s March Madness title. Only the Bulldogs and Houston (+900) were given odds better than +1000 in the preseason. The Cougars bowed out of last year’s tournament in the Elite Eight and were in the Final Four the year before.

Of the last six national champions only one was given odds of better than +1000 to win it all. That was Baylor in 2020-21. The Bears were +800 preseason favorites. 

The other five national champions all had preseason betting odds of +1350 or higher. Villanova was given preseason odds of +2700 in 2015-16 and +2500 odds in 2017-18.

Last year’s champion, Kansas, was listed at +1400 in the preseason. While the Jayhawks odds dipped slightly during the season, Kansas was still given +1400 odds on March 1 before the Big 12 tournament.

The last 13 college basketball national champions had average preseason odds of +1919. The biggest overall favorite was 2008-09 North Carolina at +450. The biggest longshot was 2013-14 Connecticut, a No. 7 seed that went on to win it all. The Huskies’ preseason odds to win were +6500.

Much March Madness

As the 2022-23 season progresses, futures bettors will want to pay close attention to NCAAB odds history on March 1. Four of the last five national champions had odds better than +1000. The exception, of course, was last year’s Kansas team.

As teams then move through their conference tournaments, it should be noted that each of the last five national champs (and eight of the last 12) had odds of +800 or lower just prior to Round 1 of the NCAA tournament.

Of the last five winners, only one was an underdog heading into the national championship game. That was Baylor in 2020-21. The Bears were a +165 underdog to Gonzaga. 

Having access to historical odds is one of the advantages of online sports betting.

Fitting the Profile of a Champion

Want to dial in a bet on a national champion using NCAAB odds history? You need to do some digging and look at a couple factors. These factors are common among teams that typically make it to the Final Four and have a shot at a championship.

Over the last decade, a couple of KenPom stats stand out among those programs that consistently compete for March Madness titles. You can use these stats for betting NCAA basketball totals too. 

One category is tempo. If you go back 20 years, the 76 teams that have made the Final Four averaged right around 175 (out of 330 teams) in tempo. Over the last 10 years, that number is closer to 200, but it’s heavily influenced by Virginia which, in 2019, ranked dead last in the country in tempo.

The other big factors are offensive and defensive efficiency. In the 2020-21 Final Four, for example, all four teams ranked no lower than 15th in either offensive or defensive efficiency. 

Gonzaga ranked No. 1 in offensive efficiency and No. 7 on defense. Baylor, which won the national title, ranked ninth and 14th. Houston ranked No. 10 on offense and No. 11 on defense. UCLA, the surprise Final Four team that year, ranked No. 15 on offense and No. 12 on defense.

Betting 2022-23 NCAAB Champion

NCAAB odds history suggests that this year’s national champion will not be the preseason favorite. Only five of the last 13 national champions had preseason betting odds lower than +1000.

With the average of those last 13 March Madness winners right around +1900, bettors might consider teams like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, Texas, and Baylor. Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas are blueblood programs that contend for titles every year. Baylor has been outstanding since Scott Drew turned the program around years ago. Texas has also been a program on the rise. 

Longshot NCAAB Odds History

While it makes sense to not bet on the overall favorite, betting on longshots to win the NCAA tournament is difficult. It’s also one of the things that makes sports betting so popular right now – the potential for big payouts. 

Over the last 13 tournaments, only four times were the eventual champion’s odds greater than +1900. Ironically, the only longshot wins over the past 13 seasons were accomplished by just two teams.

Connecticut was a +4000 longshot in 2011-12 to win it all. The Huskies wound up winning the national championship and then did so again in 2013-14 as +6500 longshots.

We mentioned Villanova already. They won in 2015-16 at +2500 and then again in 2017-18 as +2700 longshots.

How NBA Odds History Impacts the 2022-23 Season

How NBA Odds History Impacts the 2022-23 Season

NBA odds history will have an impact on the 2022-23 season.

Key Points

– Understanding NBA odds and how they work can help bettors in the upcoming season.

– Looking at NBA odds history can give bettors clues to use in the upcoming season.

How NBA Odds History Impacts the 2022-23 Season

It’s an interesting concept, but the history of NBA odds has an impact on how odds are established in an upcoming season. The league has a long and storied history. While sports betting has been illegal for most of the NBA’s history, it is running wild now.

Betting on the NBA is a multibillion dollar worldwide industry. The increase in the popularity of sports betting has had a huge impact on NBA betting. Bettors today may not realize it, but NBA odds history plays a role in betting on future games. 

To understand how, it’s worth starting at the beginning. You need to understand NBA odds and how they work.You should also prepare for betting basketball this season.

NBA Odds

Have you ever wondered how bookmakers come up with the odds for NBA games? It's actually not as complicated as you might think. 

In general, bookmakers will look at a number of factors when setting odds, including each team's recent performance, injuries, and home-court advantage. Based on this information, they will then come up with a point spread – this is the margin of victory that they believe one team is likely to have over the other. 

Point spreads will have odds associated with them. Standard odds at most sportsbooks are -110. This means that a bettor must wager $110 to win $100. If the bettor wins, he makes $100. The sportsbook keeps $10 as a commission for taking the bet.

Odds are associated with NBA totals bets as well as moneyline bets. NBA moneyline bets are the easiest to understand. Bettors wager on a team to win. For example, Boston is a -125 favorite over Philadelphia. The 76ers are a +140 underdog.

A $125 bet on Boston would pay out $100 if the Celtics win. A $100 wager pays out $140 if the underdog Sixers win.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of odds, how they work, and how oddsmakers set them. This helps in understanding how NBA odds history can affect the 2022-23 season.

New to basketball betting? 8 Things You Should Know If You’re a New Basketball Fan

Preseason Favorites & Championships

In 2016, 2017, and 2018; the preseason NBA favorite went on to win the league championship. In 2016, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were installed as the early NBA title favorite before the season began. 

The Cavs went on to win the franchise’s only NBA championship that year. They beat the Golden State Warriors, who returned the following season as the preseason betting favorite to win it all in 2017. 

The Warriors, of course, did exactly that and repeated it once again in 2018. In the four NBA seasons since, the preseason favorite has failed to capture a championship. After winning two straight titles, the Warriors were the preseason favorite to win in 2019.

That didn’t happen as Toronto captured its first championship beating the Warriors in six games. Kawhi Leonard then left the Raptors to go to the Los Angeles Clippers, who were the preseason favorite to win the NBA title in 2020. The Miami Heat won in the COVID-19 bubble.

James, Anthony Davis and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers were favored to win in 2021 and the super team of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden was expected to win it all last season.



Keeping the previous four seasons in mind, Boston (+550) is the current preseason favorite to win the 2022-23 NBA championship. Milwaukee, the champ in 2021, and Golden State, the winner last year, are both listed at +700. 

Interestingly, the Warriors were the last team to be given minus odds (-185) in the preseason NBA championship betting race.


NBA Odds History – Last Season

For the past few decades, the NBA has been one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. Each year, fans eagerly await the start of the season, and the race to the postseason is always full of excitement. 

However, there is one aspect of the NBA that often goes unnoticed: the odds. Throughout the history of the league, there have been a number of teams that have been affected by individual games odds. This can often have a significant impact on a team’s performance. 

For example, in recent years the Golden State Warriors have been one of the most successful franchises in the league. However, they've also been one of the most heavily favored teams in terms of odds. That means that they often have to overcome large spreads in order to cover. 

There are also teams that have benefited from favorable odds. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a good example of this. They were underdogs their entire run to the 2016 NBA title. This helped to motivate them and give them a mental edge over their opponents. 

In general, it's clear that NBA odds can have a significant impact on team performance. As such, they should be taken into consideration when making predictions about future games and seasons.

Consider last season when the Warriors were favored in 79 of the games they played last season. Phoenix was favored in 82 games. On the other end, Oklahoma City, one of the youngest teams in the NBA, was the betting favorite just three times all season long.

What Bettors Can Learn from the Past

When it comes to betting on the NBA, odds history can be a valuable tool. By studying past odds movements, bettors can get a sense of how the market reacts to certain events. They can use that information to develop basketball betting strategies for winners.

 For example, let's say a team is playing its first game after a long road trip. The oddsmakers may be hesitant to set the line too high, fearing that bettors will cash in if the team struggles. 

However, if the oddsmakers see that the team has covered the spread in its last five games following a road trip, they may be more likely to set a higher line. 

By being aware of this history, bettors can make wiser decisions about when to bet on a particular team. NBA odds history can also provide clues about how sharp and public bettors are reacting to news events. 

If odds move sharply in one direction after a significant news event, it's often an indication that sharp bettors are behind the move. On the other hand, if odds move slowly or not at all after a big news story, it's often because the public is waiting to see how things play out before placing their bets. 

Either way, understanding how the market has reacted in similar situations in the past can help bettors make more informed decisions about how to bet in the present.

How to Bet College Football Odds

How to Bet College Football Odds

How to bet college football odds with success.

Key Points

– College football bettors must understand how to read odds to have success.

– Odds are impacted by a number of factors.

What are College Football Odds

College football odds are the probability or likelihood of an event in college football. They can be found on various websites and are used by college football fans to predict the outcome of games. 

College football odds are expressed as whole numbers. For example, on a point spread bet, Alabama may be favored to win by 14 points. The odds on the bet might be -125. Bettors would see this football point spread bet as: Alabama -14 (-125).

Looking at college football odds

Looking at college football odds

A wager on the Crimson Tide of $125 would pay out $100 if Alabama wins the game by 15 or more points. 

Odds for college games are offered on all bets from moneyline bets to props and other specials. They are set by oddsmakers at sportsbooks and can be influenced by injuries or changes in team personnel. They are also influenced by public opinion and recent betting patterns. 

College football odds are an important tool for college football fans and bettors alike. They can help make informed decisions about where to put your money down on college games.

Hey football fans! Here’s what to expect from the 2022 NFL season.

How to Read & Bet College Football Odds

When trying to understand odds, it's important to know the basic terminology. The “spread” is the betting line given to even the playing field between two teams. 

The favorite is indicated with a minus sign (-) and the underdog is denoted with a plus sign (+). The point spread is then followed by the odds. American odds use a base of 100. Check out our NCAAF betting lines.

Using the Alabama example from above, the Tide is the favorite at -14. The (-125) means that a bettor must wager $125 to win $100. If the underdog is given (+125) odds, a $100 bet would pay out $125. It always pays more when you win on an underdog.

Moneyline odds are similar. Again the favorite is designated with the minus sign. An example might look like this:

Alabama -250

Auburn +195

In this case, you are betting on a team to win. If you bet on Alabama, you must wager $250 to win $100. A $100 bet on Auburn would pay out $195 if the Tigers win. The final scoring margin does not matter.

How to Bet College Football Games

Betting on college football is fun and exciting. It is made even more fun when your bets win. It helps to have some knowledge before you begin placing bets. Here are a few tips on how to bet college football games:

  1. Do your research. Know the teams, the players, and the coaching staff. This information will give you a big advantage when it comes time to place your bets.
  2. Pay attention to the line. The line is set by the oddsmakers and it represents which team is favored to win the game. Lines will adjust during the week of a game. Knowing why they move can help you make the best bet. 
  3. Know when to bet the point spread and when to bet the moneyline. The point spread is the most common way to bet on college football games, but it's not always the best option. If you're confident in your ability to pick winners, betting the moneyline can be a more profitable strategy.
  4. Don't be afraid to take some risks. College football can be unpredictable, so don't be afraid to take some chances when placing your bets. Sometimes, the biggest payouts come from backing an underdog that no one else is giving a chance.
  5. Have fun! College football is one of the most exciting sports to watch, so make sure you enjoy yourself while you're making your picks and placing your bets. After all, winning money should be a nice bonus and not the only reason you're watching the games.

Strategies for Betting on CFB

There are a few key things to keep in mind when betting on college football games. The first is to identify the teams that are most likely to win their conference or division. 

These teams tend to be more consistent from year to year, and they have a better chance of making it to the playoffs. Betting in the future will be different, so it’s important to keep up with all the latest trends.

Another important factor is the strength of the schedule. A team that has played a relatively easy schedule is more likely to be favored than a team that has faced a difficult schedule. 

However, there can be big differences between a 4-4 team from a more powerful conference compared to the 8-0 team from a weaker conference. Bet accordingly.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to injuries. A team that is missing key players is more likely to lose than a team that is at full strength. By keeping these factors in mind, you can increase your chances of making money on college football bets.

Common Mistakes When Betting on College Football

There are a few common mistakes that people often make when wagering on college football. 

First, they may fail to do their homework and research the teams thoroughly. Placing bets haphazardly will not work if you want to be successful. 

Second, bettors may bet on their favorite team regardless of the odds. If you can’t bet against your favorite team, you probably shouldn’t be betting on them at all.

Third, they may chase their losses by making larger and larger bets. Chasing losses can dig bettors into a deep hole. Resist the urge to do it. 

Finally, bettors often fail to manage their bankroll responsibly. They may bet more than they can afford to lose. While there is no guarantee when betting on college football games, avoiding these common mistakes can certainly help improve your chances of coming out ahead in the long run.

What to Expect from the 2022 NFL Season

What to Expect from the 2022 NFL Season

The 2022 NFL season is right around the corner. Let’s get into it.

Key Points

– There are several big name NFL players who will have new homes in 2022.

– A number of NFL franchises will have new starting quarterbacks in 2022.

Getting Ready For the 2022 NFL Season

It’s nearly two months until the 2022 NFL season kicks off with what could be a Super Bowl LVII preview – Buffalo at the defending champion Los Angeles Rams.

There will be plenty of surprises this season as a number of offseason trades and free agent developments will have an impact on the season. There are also plenty of questions that need answered in 2022. Will this finally be Tom Brady’s last season? Can the Rams repeat as Super Bowl champs?

Here’s what to expect from the 2022 NFL season. But before we get into it, did you see our last article? We talked about the history of sports betting odds.

The QB Shuffle

It started with the Seattle Seahawks trading Russell Wilson to Denver. The Broncos shipped their sometimes starter Drew Lock to Seattle and now Wilson looks to make Denver an instant Super Bowl contender.

The Broncos certainly have the defense to make a run and new head coach Nathaniel Hackett now has one ingredient Denver has been missing since Peyton Manning left.

Indianapolis dumped the Carson Wentz experiment. After an ugly 2021 season, the Colts sent Wentz to Washington for three draft picks. That opened up the Colts QB job and Indy then worked out a deal to bring former Atlanta QB Matt Ryan to town. Ryan might finally have an offensive line and a defense worthy of making a Super Bowl run. 

Then, there is the Cleveland Browns fiasco. Deshaun Watson was acquired via trade but there still may be some legal issues left for him. Cleveland also traded former No. 1 draft pick Baker Mayfield to Carolina where he will compete with Sam Darnold. Mayfield and Darnold competed to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 draft. 

New Era in Pittsburgh

It’s been many moons since the Pittsburgh Steelers started someone other than Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback to start a season. The guy was a fixture in the Steel City and won two Super Bowls in his 18 NFL seasons. 

Now, it’s time for a change. The Steelers took local favorite Kenny Pickett of the University of Pittsburgh with their first pick in this year’s draft.

Whether or not he wins the job, the Steelers offense will be much different than in year’s past. Pittsburgh also acquired former Bears and Bills QB Mitchell Trubisky to compete with Mason Rudolph, Roethlisberger’s primary backup for the last several seasons.


Same WR, New Location In the 2022 NFL Season

Former Green Bay WR Davante Adams found a new home in Las Vegas where he is now paired up with good friend Derek Carr. The pair played college football together at Fresno State and now look to take a new-look Raiders offense to greater heights in new head coach Josh McDaniels offense.

How will Adams affect the Raiders this season

How will Adams affect the Raiders this season

The Kansas City Chiefs had no choice but to dump Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs traded the speedy receiver to Miami where Hill will play with QB Tua Tagovailoa. The move makes the Dolphins much better on offense where they have struggled the past few seasons. The Chiefs should be fine without Hill. They still have TE Travis Kelce and KC traded for JuJu Smith-Schuster. Skyy Moore is a talent that was drafted in the second round of the 2022 draft. 

Year of the Bills?

Buffalo has won 10-plus games in three straight seasons now under head coach Sean McDermott. The Bills are the offseason betting favorite to win Super Bowl LVII. QB Josh Allen is a superstar and the Bills offense got a lot better in the offseason.

Buffalo drafted running back James Cook and acquired TE OJ Howard in free agency. The Bills had the best defense in the NFL last season and that unit gets even better with the acquisition of former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Von Miller.

Brady’s Year … Again

After missing out on another Super Bowl victory, Tampa Bay QB Tom Brady announced his retirement from the game. At 44 years of age, the guy has done just about everything. He’s won Super Bowls (7), Super Bowl MVPs (5), league MVPs (3), and much more. Top football handicappers are primarily split on Brady this season.

After 40 days though, Brady couldn’t stand it and decided the retirement life wasn’t for him. He has made some appearances at the Bucs’ offseason workouts, which is kind of unusual for him. Brady still looks like he could win another league MVP and carry Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl. If he doesn’t, would he continue in 2023?

NFL MVP for the 2022 NFL Season

Aaron Rodgers has won two straight NFL MVP awards. Can he win a third? He won’t have Adams this season, but what he will have is a bunch of no-name receivers that will only add to his MVP status. 

Only one player in the history of the NFL has won three straight MVPs. That would be the guy that Rodgers succeeded in Green Bay – Brett Favre. How about that for some motivation?

The History of Sports Betting Odds

The History of Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds have a complete history of their own.

Key Points

– Sports betting odds have been expressed differently throughout history.

– Different areas of the world – like American odds in the U.S. – prefer sports betting odds expressed in different formats. 

The History of Sports Betting Odds

It’s not the world’s oldest profession, but gambling on sports has been around for a very long time. 

For most of history, betting on sporting events, especially in the U.S. was not legal. It was thought that gambling on such events would ruin the competitive nature of the sport. 

Fast forward and we see now that the global sports market and the worldwide sports betting markets coexist without much conflict at all. 

How did it all start? Here’s a look at the history of sports betting odds.

Got Started With Horse Racing

It all started with horses. More specifically, it was likely bets on chariot races in the old Roman Empire that started it all. Wagers on Roman gladiator fights were probably involved too.

Betting on horse racing began in Europe somewhere in the 17th century. It made its way to America in the 18th century and still thrives today. Horse racing’s Triple Crown – Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes – brings in hundreds of millions of dollars in bets.

ICYMI: 2021 MLB Stats To Know

Fractional Odds

To this day, horse racing still favors using fractional odds. Fractional odds like 4/1 quote the net total that is paid out to a winning bettor relative to the stake.

For example, the 4/1 odds above indicate that if a bettor wagers $100 he will win $400. The winner also receives his stake back, so in this case the bettor wins $400 plus his $100 stake for a total of $500.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are favored in Europe, Australia, and a few other countries. These odds show the ratio of the payout amount relative to the stake and include the stake.

Decimal odds then are equal to the decimal value of the fractional odds plus one. Using the example above, the fractional odds of 4/1 are equal to decimal odds of 5.00

Sports Betting Odds – American Odds

Also known as moneyline odds, American odds are, as the name states, preferred by U.S. bookmakers. They are the ones North American bettors see when looking at sports odds and scores.

Moneyline odds are expressed as positive and negative numbers. The favorite is given a negative number, which shows that an outcome is more likely to happen. These odds are also expressed in terms of how much must be wagered to win $100.

If a favorite was given -400 odds (the equivalent of ¼ fractional odds), a bettor must wager $400 to win $100.

Underdogs are expressed with positive odds. From the above example, +400 odds are the equivalent of 4/1 fractional odds. A wager of $100 will pay out $400.

These moneyline odds became more popular as betting moved from horse racing into other major sports like football and basketball.

Depending upon where you are in the world today, you will see sports betting odds in one of these formats.

2021 MLB Stats To Know

2021 MLB Stats To Know

2021 MLB stats can get your new season started right.

Key Points

— There are a few 2021 MLB stats that will help bettors as they prepare for the 2022 season.

— Unlike other sports such as football and basketball, baseball is a moneyline sport. Bettors pick winners primarily though point spread betting, aka run line betting, is available for MLB games.

Knowing what to bet and how to bet MLB games comes down to a variety of factors. There are a number of 2021 MLB stats to know that can help bettors in 2022.

Here are some of them.


2021 MLB Stats – wRC+

So, you’re not familiar with wRC+? The wRC+ stands for “weighted runs created plus” and it is a metric that adjusts for things like ballparks and other external factors. 

When you adjust for things like that, you get a clearer picture of what a hitter actually contributes to his team’s run production. 

The 2021 leader? Philadelphia’s Bryce Harper with a wRC+ of 170. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was second at 166 and the Nationals Juan Soto was third at 163. No other MLB player was over 160. Will these stats affect your MLB moneyline wagers?

The league average is 100. So, Harper creates runs at a pace 70 percent better than the average player in the league.

Not surprisingly, all three hitters batted over .300 and all had at least 29 homers and 101 RBIs. Soto may be the best young hitter in the game and Philadelphia and Toronto are both playoff favorites in 2022. The Blue Jays are among the World Series favorites.

ICYMI: What is a Sports Handicapper?

Rockies at Home

Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, almost always has some weird statistical quirks in any given season. It’s known as one of the most hitter-friendly ballparks in baseball.

Coors Field was a huge advantage in 2021

Coors Field was a huge advantage in 2021

Last year, it offered a true home-field advantage to the Rockies. Colorado went 43-22 at home. Their road record? The 13th-worst road record in MLB history since 1969 – 17-48. 

How is that for a 2021 MLB stats? Will that carry over into 2022?

What Wins Championships

Some say it’s pitching that wins World Series titles. Others claim it's a strong hitting lineup with plenty of power. For Atlanta in 2021, it was neither…or it was both.

During the regular season, Atlanta batted .244 which was ninth in MLB. They were third in home runs though with 239. Only San Francisco and Toronto hit more.

Braves pitchers produced a collective ERA of 3.88 during the regular season. That was only eighth-best in all of baseball. That ERA did drop during the playoffs to 3.28, but that was still only fourth among playoff teams. Atlanta’s World Series opponent Houston had a playoff ERA of 4.44.

Atlanta had just the right combination of quality pitching and hitting to take home the 2021 World Series.

2021 MLB Stats – Score!

Baseball is a game of runs. Just look at the baseball odds. The more runs you score, the more likely you are to win. One of the reasons why Toronto is among the favorites to win the 2022 World Series is because they can score.

Last season, two of the top five run-scorers were Blue Jays – Guerrero was No. 1 and teammate Bo Bichette was third. Their old teammate Marcus Semien was fifth. 

If Guerrerro, Bichette, and the rest of the Blue Jays continue to score as they did a year ago, that World Series title is within reach.

What is a Sports Handicapper

What is a Sports Handicapper?

Sports handicapper is a term not everyone knows. We’re here to inform you on all aspects.

Key Points

  • The term “sports handicapper” is thrown around a lot but its definition isn’t easily understood.
  • Sports handicappers do a lot of research in an effort to make betting decisions for themselves and for others, often for a fee.

Whether you’re an experienced bettor or just new to the industry, it’s likely you have heard the term “handicapper” thrown around quite a bit. We are not referring to the person that sets a golfer’s handicap.

No, the sports handicapper is much different. The sports handicapper is an individual who researches sporting events searching for betting advantages. Some handicappers do this professionally to provide themselves a living.

Many handicappers also sell their services in an effort to make money. It can be long and tedious work, but it can pay off in the end. With the sports betting evolution, there are plenty of ways to profit from it. Paying for picks is one way.

What a Sports Handicapper Does

The sports handicapper pores over data. Most cappers will specialize in just a few sports and they will analyze all sorts of data trying to find any advantage to betting on a certain side, total, or even prop bet. 

After plenty of research, a handicapper will place his/her own bets. As mentioned, many cappers will sell their picks to bettors willing to pay for their information. Many handicappers have their own formulas or models they use to help them predict winners and losers.

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Specialization of Sports

It is typical for a handicapper to specialize in certain sports. Some prefer football and basketball. Others may specialize in golf and tennis or other “niche” sports.

Find Your Niche Sport

Find Your Niche Sport

Some handicappers will vary on the types of bets they like too. Some may prefer moneyline bets over spread bets or totals wagers over spread picks. Others may offer parlays and other special bets. 

Regardless, bettors can find handicappers that specialize in just about anything. 

Transparency and A Sports Handicapper

When searching for a good sports handicapper, it helps to find one that is transparent about records. Sports betting is not an absolute science. Handicappers will have some bad runs, but the best of the bunch won’t have a problem sharing that with customers.

Sports handicappers with proven track records are more trustworthy and typically have outstanding betting records.

Free vs. Pay Capper

Bettors can usually follow some outstanding handicappers for free picks. You might find a capper with his/her own website. Some may have a daily newsletter or, even better, a daily free pick. Find a handicapper that has a strong track record in the sports you like to bet on and follow them on social media and/or sign up for any type of free pick or newsletter.

The market is flooded with pay services for handicappers. Bettors can pay for one days’ picks, a week of picks, or more. These picks can help a bettor improve his/her winning percentage and increase the size of that bankroll. 

There are all sorts of handicapping services out there. Do your own homework and find the one that best suits you before you begin paying for service. Make sure paying for picks makes financial sense as well.

2022 NBA Stats to Watch

2022 NBA Stats to Watch

What’s your feeling on upcoming 2022 NBA stats? The one stat that all NBA fans were watching heading into the 2021-22 season was career three-pointers. Hall of Famer Ray Allen held the record, but Golden State’s Stephen Curry eventually broke the record earlier this season.

Curry’s new career three-point mark is just one of a number of records that could be broken this season. There are also a number of other NBA stats to watch in 2022.


James, Durant Still Lighting It Up – 2022 NBA Stats

LeBron James is third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. He is 1,561 points away from passing Hall of Famer Karl Malone. Based on his average over the last four seasons, it appears James will pass the Mailman.

James has averaged 1,645 points in each of the past four seasons. He might also pass Malone on the all-time field goals made list. James has averaged 620 made field goals in each of the last four seasons. He needs 625 to pass Malone who is second on that list too.

Chris Paul Chases Record

Only five players in the history of the NBA have recorded 10,000 assists. The Suns’ Chris Paul is one of them. Paul is currently fifth on the all-time NBA career assists list behind Mark Jackson, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and the leader John Stockton.

Paul has averaged 506 assists per season over the last four and is set to pass Jackson and Nash to move into third place. Paul is averaging 9.9 assists per game this season.

Paul could also pass Gary Payton for fourth on the all-time steals list. Paul needed 113 coming into this season to pass Payton. He is averaging 105 over the past four seasons and he’s tied for third in the NBA this season averaging 1.9 per game.

The Unthinkable of 2022 NBA Stats

Phoenix was 33-9 heading into a Martin Luther King Day game against San Antonio. The best record in NBA history, of course, belongs to the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors. The Warriors finished 73-9 and eventually lost in the NBA Finals to Cleveland.

Could Phoenix tie an NBA record by breaking another one? Maybe you like them to win it all. Go take a look at our live NBA Finals odds!

Can the Suns break the record

Can the Suns break the record

The Suns would need to break an NBA record by winning 40 games in a row just to tie the 2015-16 Warriors. By the way, the longest winning streak in NBA history belongs to the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers who won 33 straight. Jumping on streaks like this will instantly make you become a smarter sports bettor.

ATS Season Records

The 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks went 46-36 and made the postseason. They lost in the first round of the playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. Milwaukee was very competitive that season finishing with an NBA best 54-28 ATS record.

So far this season, Cleveland is 28-13-3 ATS for a cover percentage of 68.3, slightly better than the ‘09-’10 Bucks 65.9 percent. The Cavs best ATS season ever was in 2008-09 when they went 49-33.

Oklahoma City has just 14 wins in 42 games this season, but the Thunder has a 27-14-1 ATS record. That’s exactly 65.9 percent. Both the Cavs and the Thunder could challenge the ‘09-’10 Bucks.

We have some more great information for you. Check out 2021 NFL betting stats so far.

2021 NFL Betting Stats So Far

2021 NFL Betting Stats So Far

It’s time to look at 2021 NFL betting stats to come out of the first 13 weeks. The 2021 NFL season has been an interesting one for bettors. To say that it has gone to the dogs is no understatement.

Here’s a look at how underdogs have done so far this season as well as other trends that could continue over the final five weeks of the regular season.


Underdog Trends – 2021 NFL Betting Stats

If you have been betting underdogs against the spread this season, you are probably pretty happy. So is your bankroll at online sportsbooks.

Overall, underdogs are 106-84-1 ATS this season. Those betting dogs to win outright have not fared as well, but $100 bettors would be up nearly 26 units ($2600). Underdogs are 77-115-1 straight up so far this season. 

Double-digit underdogs are just 5-22 straight up this season, but they are 12-14-1 ATS. 

Teams to Back When Wagering

If you are searching for a team to back against the spread in 2021, it’s the Green Bay Packers. They have the NFL’s best ATS record at 10-2. Don’t forget, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is 118-76 ATS since 2009. 

Arizona and Dallas are both 9-3 ATS and New England, which has won seven straight games, is 8-4 ATS. Take a look at our live Super Bowl odds, you may be surprised where these 3 teams are.

The big surprise among the top 5 in ATS record is Detroit. The Lions won their first game of the season in Week 13, a 29-27 win over Minnesota. New head coach Dan Campbell gets the most out of his players. Detroit keeps games close and as a result the Lions are 8-4 ATS this season.

Bettors might want to stay away from the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams broke a three-game losing streak with a win over Jacksonville in Week 13. They covered the spread which improved their season record to just 5-7 ATS. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are also teams with winning records with a 5-7 ATS record.

Totals – 2021 NFL Betting Stats

Quick, take a guess which NFL team has the best Over record so far in 2021 sports bettors. It’s not Dallas or New England or any other team that fans typically associate with scoring a lot of points.

The best Over record in the NFL right now belongs to … drumroll … the Indianapolis Colts. The Over is 8-5 in Colts games this season. Tennessee (7-5) and Philadelphia (7-6) are next and are the only other teams with a record that leans toward the Over.

How About the Under?

Bettors are taking a long look at Denver, Jacksonville, and Seattle games this season. At this point, none of the three are in the thick of a playoff race. 

However, all three make for strong totals bets. The total has gone Under in eight of ten games for the Broncos, Jags, and Seahawks this season. Jacksonville has struggled on offense and the defense isn’t terrible. 

Denver’s defense was second in the NFL in points allowed per game heading into Week 13 and Seattle’s offense struggled first without Russell Wilson at quarterback and then with him when he returned. Last week, Wilson finally broke out of his funk. Still, the Under is 8-2 in Seahawks games this season.