Best Gift Ideas For An NFL Fan

Football season might just be many Americans’ favorite time of year. Playing in fantasy leagues, hosting Sunday gatherings with chili and wings, going to live games… life can’t get much better!

NFL fans are really committed to their teams. Sometimes to dangerous extremes, but often just to have some fun and support the game they love.

Celebrating an NFL fan’s birthday can be difficult when they already seem to have everything football-related that they might need. Another sports jersey or football to play catch might just collect dust somewhere in the house.

There are so many ways to make an NFL fan happy on their special day without a boring gift. Think of all the items they don’t have that will come in handy during game time!

Any of these fun six gifts will help any NFL fan show their support for their favorite football team.

1. Travel Blanket

Football season takes place during some of the coldest months of the year in many locations around America. It seems like no matter how many layers of clothing fans wear to games, they can never shake the chill of winter air.

For the ultimate amount of comfort during an outdoor game, a travel blanket could make a huge difference. They are compact and easy to carry, then unfold into the snuggliest blankets.

Cool Things Chicago found some of the best travel blankets that can make fans cozy at the next game. They work great in those often freezing stadiums!

Even when an NFL fan can’t make it to the stadium, they can still snuggle up in their new blanket at home on the couch. There is no limit to where they can be used, making them a versatile gift for every NFL fan.

The only problem they might have with a gift as warm as this is keeping other people from wanting to use it!

2. NFL Logo Playing Cards

It is important for NFL fans to express their love for their team in every way they possibly can. This also includes game nights when friends come over to visit.

Playing a few hands of poker with NFL logo playing cards might give fans the luck they need! They are standard sized and come in a complete deck adorned with the beloved NFL logo for their favorite team.

These cards are also perfect for tailgating before the game. It’ll just show their support even more to surrounding fans. They’ll probably be jealous of how awesome the deck is!

Everyone needs a good deck of playing cards, and what deck is better than NFL-themed ones for the biggest NFL fan you know!

3. NFL Building Blocks Helmet

Young and old NFL fans both will love spending time building their own decorative helmet replica for their favorite team.

Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters can spend a few hours bonding with each other over an NFL building blocks helmet.

With over a thousand pieces, this is a great exercise of teamwork to create an awesome product. NFL fans will have a great time making a helmet that they can use as decor in their den or football watching location.

You can choose their favorite team logo for them to craft. Think of the satisfaction they will have after creating a piece of work for everyone to enjoy.

4. NFL Logo Slippers

While it is always an experience traveling to the stadium to watch a live game, sometimes staying in the comforts of home is the way to go.

Why stop at wearing a sports t-shirt or jersey? NFL fans can wear even more gear, like cozy NFL logo sherpa slippers.

You can give an NFL fan the slippers with the perfect team logo on them to keep them comfortable while watching the game. They can also wear them every day to keep their feet warm at all times.

Slippers are never really exciting unless they depict something you love. NFL fans will no doubt love slippers that show their love for their team.

5. Kool8 Reusable Bottle

We all need to drink. No matter what their favorite beverage is, your NFL fan probably needs a vessel to drink out of while they are out and about.

To stay hydrated at the next NFL game, a Kool8 reusable bottle might be the best option. It can hold any drink, both hot and cold. It is super insulated to keep them perfect all day.

Give them Kool8 in a color that supports their favorite NFL team! The bright color will last for a long time because it is very durable.

Think environmentally conscious and go with Kool8 as a gift for an NFL fan. They will love the modern design and how practical it is for everyday use. They will also feel good keeping plastic waste off the planet.

Bring Kool8 to work, to the game, or stay home and enjoy anything from the sleek bottle. Don’t settle for a gift that isn’t practical. Kool8 is so useful and looks so cool that any NFL lover would be excited to use it.

6. NFL Logo Robe

Who doesn’t enjoy keeping comfortable during games or lounging around in the morning? NFL fans would love to look cozy and feel even more comfortable in an NFL logo robe.

Fans can wrap themselves up in the ultimate plush robe embroidered with the logo of their favorite NFL team. It is perfect for watching the game or for use right after the shower.

Anyone who wears a robe as soft as this will feel like they are living the life of luxury. It would even be fun to wear it during tailgating to have a little fun and make a statement!

Help the NFL fan in your life keep expressing their love for their favorite team with a bathrobe that can keep them warm.

It is probably not very hard to please an NFL fan if you give them the perfect gift they can use during football season. Make them even more excited with a gift they can keep using throughout the year.