Bets We Can Still Make After Episodes 1 and 2 of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’

The first two episodes of ESPN's ‘The Last Dance' delivered a never-before-seen look at the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. Most of what we saw was expected but unless you have read David Halberstam's The Breaks of the Game and Sam Smith‘s The Jordan Rules, a few things might have caught you by surprise:

“Bulls traveling cocaine circus”

Michael Jordan described how he was searched for his teammates in a hotel in Peoria as a rookie when he heard noises behind the door in the room where they all were and once they let him in he described that:

“And it was like things I've never seen in my life as a young kid. You've got your lines over here, you've got your weed smokers over here, you've got your women over here. So the first thing I said is, ‘Look man, I'm out.'”

Jordan said he just wanted to focus on playing basketball and one of his teammates mentioned that Jordan's go-to drinks back then were orange juice and 7UP. This is still a very eye-opening story and thank God he resisted the temptations.

Pippen's horrible contract

Scottie Pippen’s seven-year, $18 million contract seems unfair and is horrendous but keep in mind that he signed it because at the time he felt that he needed the long-term security considering how heartbreaking his childhood was. It seems little for a player like him but keep in mind that his family had never seen that kind of money before and taking care of them, especially his father, who suffered a stroke and was in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and his brother, who was paralyzed while wrestling in P.E. class in high school.

‘The Last Dance' Props

Win an Emmy Award?

Yes +300
No -500

Bill Clinton Impeachment Shown or Mentioned

Yes -140
No +100

Will “gambling” Be Said?

Yes -200
No +150

Will “Space Jam” Be Said or Clip Shown?

Yes -120
No -120

Will Barack Obama Tweet About the Documentary?

Yes +200
No -300

Will Kobe Bryant Be Seen?

Yes -300
No +200

Will LeBron James Be Seen?

Yes -120
No -120

Yankees World Series Championship Be Shown or Mentioned

Yes +100
No -140

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