Betting Platforms are Always Important

It’s true, you need a great one. The one thing that you must offer as a bookie is a fantastic betting platform. Do you have one, does your service provider offer you one? Better question – are you online at all? If you are a local bookmaker that’s looking for a way to take your business to the next level, then you must consider a pay per head. The PPH industry has revolutionized the entire gaming industry with state-of-the-art bookie software that leaves no stone unturned. If you want easy but efficient, you will find it with a PPH. If you want the best wagering platform, then you must find the best per-head provider.

Why Online, what’s so special about having an online bookmaking site?

· Your clients are gambling with other bookies. Look, you can’t have this under any circumstances. You need every penny you can get right now and all of the time. It matters not what kind of crisis the world may be in or what’s happening in the news. What matters is keeping your clients loyal and they are not loyal if you are not offering them 24/7 gaming opportunities.

· Gamblers gamble, they will gamble on anything that makes them think they have a chance to win. Sports is a big deal and the sportsbook generates a vast amount of revenue; however, the sportsbook is always volatile. No matter how long you have been a bookie, you know one thing… sportsbooks can be beaten. The players have a vast amount of information available to them nowadays and they often beat the bookmaker. This makes the sportsbook a highly marginal business.

· We are not telling anybody to throw the idea of a sportsbook out the window, no. We are saying “have a backup plan”. There are two ways to incorporate a solid, close to unbeatable backup… The casino, and the racebook. You must have both. The only way to offer them both is by having some sort of an online presence. The only affordable online presence for local bookies that we know of – the pay per head.

· A great pay per head will charge you around $10 per week, per head. There once was a day when a PPH was though of as unaffordable. It was unaffordable in the 90s and early 2000s’. Many PPH providers were charging in the $25 per head range. Local bookies simply couldn’t afford this. The only alternative was to start a website and that was and is a horrible option. Starting a gaming website will cost you big. The websites are complicated, there is programming – and a skill set that is necessary to maintain such a website.

· You want an online presence to appeal to your existing clients. You are not trying to compete with anybody online for any reason. You are trying to keep your folks loyal. Loyalty is the name of the game. Now you can keep them loyal with a top-notch gaming website that offers all of the features that any of the largest online bookmakers are offering.

· The PPH will allow you to offer a fantastic sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. You get all three for the same weekly per head price. You do not pay for the custom-building of the site, you do not pay for upkeep, All you do is pay the per head fees and let the PPH do all of the work for you.

· The casino is a cash cow now, and anytime. You must offer a casino for one basic reason; the casino always wins. Sure, there are times when you will pay out now and then, however, the deck is stacked against your clients and they will pay you a small fortune. Have a casino, it will be well worth your time. There is no effort involved.

The pay per head does everything for you. They do your job with the best software on the internet. You do not need any kind of special skills. All you need is the ability to operate a laptop and a mouse, or a mobile device. It is this simple. Your gaming website will always be open and you will always have players playing.