Biggest underdog wins in history

A great way to earn extra income is betting on sports – but who are the biggest sports underdogs in the betting world, well here’s a guide to helping you pick out the best underdogs!

Whether its UFC, football and the most popular horse racing event as it is held for three-days, The Grand National. A horse racing event like The Grand National has seen many underdogs in its time, for an example – Non-professional jockey William Dutton’s story had one of the most interest and lucky wins of all Grand National history. Before the race, William heard from the audience, his friend shouted “You could win the race if every other horse fell down”, and funnily enough, that’s exactly what happened. He won the race. The odds were 100/1 because of the experience of the jockey.

Let’s talk about a popular sport, football. The Leicester City win in the 2016 Premier League shocked every football fan and the supporters of the club. The small club to advantage of being the small unlikely to get a Premier League victory and defy all the odds against them. Their odds stood at 5,000/1 – with the title’s winners from Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Kasper Schmeichel.

In 1985, Boris Becker, the 17-year old German who focused his preparations at Queens Club. The young tennis player was declared as ‘Future Wimbledon champion’ by the event commentators – three weeks later he goes to win the tennis tournament of the summer. He was then the youngest ever male Grand Slam singles champion, at just 17 years old. Then the youngest Cincinnati Open winner. Thought to be an underdog, but brought records.

The UFC has seen some greatest fighters – Conor McGregor being one, after his 13-second knockout against Brazils, José Aldo. But Conor would not be an underdog as he reached the UFC championship with popularity and a swift left hand. The underdog of this entertaining sport goes to Holly Holms as she defeated Ronda Rousey – “Rowdy” Rousey was at the peak of her career going into the fight after winning all three previous fights in seconds. Rousey was clear to win the fight against Holly Holm, until Holms made a devasting kick in the second round that knocked Rousey.

Formula One, the intense high-speed circuit racing with tight corners and close tire to tire racing which has seen some devastating crashes and some incredibly fast laps. While Michael Schumacher holds the record for most championships at seven before his tragic skiing accident and with Lewis Hamilton catching up with 5 championships after winning 2018’s World Championship – there’s rarely underdogs in Formula One. Niki Lauda, as he really is no underdog – Born from a rich family and driving for the riches, fastest at its time. His story is very compelling. After his accident in Nürburgring which burnt the side of his face. He eventually returned, which shocked fans – Lauda after his return went on to win the 1977 and 1984 titles. Nobody thought he could become F1 champion again.

The moral of all these stories is to not pay attention to the people that will undermine your talent, and never giving up. No matter where you come from, rich or poor. There’s always a unique opportunity to make it in something you enjoy.