Billiards Tables – How to Purchase the Best One for Your Home

Have you always imagined having a billiards table in your man cave? Although purchasing one is a rather big investment, nowadays there is a variety of models, available for a reasonable price.

Anyhow, prior to taking such a step, you are required to find a suitable place for this new piece of entertainment equipment in your home, as well as setting a budget limit. Also, detailed online research would be useful in learning about optimal specifications.

The following tips will help you choose one of the best billiards tables on the market.

Determine the purpose

The initial thing to consider when choosing such an entertainment addition for your home is definitely its purpose. Actually, there is an extensive range of models on the market, varying both in quality and price. Considering that quality is the factor dictating their price, the top-notch variants are undoubtedly the costliest ones.

Therefore, your investment would basically depend on the interest you have for this hobby. In case you intend to play billiards for years, a low-cost model won’t do the trick. Instead, you would need a solid pool table that can withstand greater wear and tear, as these pieces of furniture are prone to damage.

Choose a room

Naturally, prior to purchasing any model, it’s crucial to determine which room would be the best match for the new billiards table. The primary factor to consider is certainly the size of the room, as it has to be spacious enough to fit it. Also, think of the noise you’ll make while enjoying your hobby. Therefore, the best alternative would be placing it in your garage or basement, so as to be on a safe distance from the living room.

Moreover, some homeowners are reluctant to place pool tables in their attics, as they are concerned about their weight. Anyhow, their weight isn’t excessive enough to deteriorate your property. Conversely, numerous homeowners purchase this kind of furniture piece solely for the purpose of décor, not entertainment. Due to its large size, they use it as the focal point of their living room. Click here for some trendy design ideas.

Calculate the room’s dimensions

In order to purchase a perfectly-sized model, you are supposed to calculate the dimensions of the room. Make sure you measure the exact length and width, as these are essential for making the right choice. Write a note with the correct dimensions in order not to forget them.

Bear in mind that the length of the billiards table is two times larger than its width. However, you are also expected to leave enough space around it so as to play billiards without obstructions. Otherwise, you’ll experience difficulties every time you try to hit the ball.

Calculate your budget

These products have a rather extensive price range, mainly determined by material quality. Actually, you won’t need more than five hundred dollars for a model made of poor quality material. However, those pool tables made of solid material tend to be costlier, as much as a few thousand dollars. Naturally, the ones featuring impeccable material and design cost more than ten thousand.

When it comes to materials, the boards are most commonly made of wood, particleboard, or slate. Particleboard is much more susceptible to damage than slate, but it tends to cost less. Anyhow, remember that good quality never comes for a low-cost price. Visit the following link:, to learn more about the characteristics of particleboard.

Visit a specialized store

When looking for the right billiards table, it’s essential to visit a store that sells entertainment equipment. You’ll have better chances of finding a suitable model than visiting a department store, which probably offers solely a few variants.

Nevertheless, if there is no such store in your local area, make sure you visit all the other shops that provide a more limited choice of pool tables. Do online research on various brands prior to heading to the store, so as to look for particular models.

Ask questions

In case you find the variant that you were looking for, do not make a rushed decision. Instead of making an immediate purchase, make sure you have a consultation with the shop assistant, regarding its features. An employee in a specialized store would provide you with essential information about the product as well as give you a recommendation.

Nevertheless, even if the shop assistant knows nothing about billiards tables, he/she is supposed to provide you with the product specifications from the manufacturer. You should be informed of the material of the cushions and tabletop as well as the type of cloth.

Do another research

The key element in purchasing the right model is attentive research and patience. Your first visit to the shop doesn’t necessarily mean that you should make a purchase. On the contrary, after learning about some of the products’ specifications, it’s time to do a more detailed research.

Make sure you dig up every useful detail about the product you set your eyes on. More importantly, look for online reviews and buying guides so as to check customers’ satisfaction. Customer reviews are a valuable source of information, as you’re provided with first-hand information from shoppers.

Don’t forget the warranty

Considering the budget you would spend on this piece of entertainment equipment, it is logical to look for a product with a warranty period. Although these cost more than the ones without warranty, you need not worry about potential damage, at least for several years.

In addition, if you are not knowledgeable regarding the installation process or you are worried about moving it inside your house, make sure you ask for professional help. Normally, hiring such professionals would cost you an additional sum of money, but at least you won’t break it.

Wrap up

When purchasing such a product, make sure you choose the right size and material.

Don’t forget to do an extensive research on its specifications.

Choose a model you will enjoy!