Bookie agent sites, what to look out for

There are many things to know that will help you be successful once you're in the sports book industry. Being a bookie right now is not as hard as it used to be a little while ago, there are many tools at your disposal right now that will help you make your dream come true, and that will cost you just a fraction of what it would have cost you a few years ago.

There are also many different ways in which you can run your business, you can work with agents, you could do post up, you can work with affiliates, you can have shops, and there are many other different ways. Here at we want to make sure we can help you reach the highest level of success for the lowest risk and investment, and we're prepared to do so with our tools and service.

One of the most common and successful ways to run a sportsbook, historically, has been through agents. But what is the magic of agents? Basically, what you need to do is work on your basics have a good platform, offer enough lines, and your agents will have the difficult job of bringing in the customers, they will look for them, they will settle with them, they will make sure they're happy with the platform, and basically take care of them in all matters.

However, bookie agent sites tend to be quite simple for plain, but that's not necessarily how it has to be once you decide to join a good PPH operator that can help you run your business. With us, you can make sure to work your website exactly how you want it, we’ll help you design it, will make sure it meets all the parameters needed to offer the best possible online betting experience, we will make sure it is 100% mobile designed, and that your players can access it at any time and from anywhere in the world.

How do agents work in the PPH industry

As we said before, agents will be the ones providing the customers for your sportsbook, so you need to make sure there are people you can trust and you can work with, they're going to be handling money, making adjustments, and basically helping you run your business.

Talking about money, what people usually do is give agents a commission of the winnings, but you can basically work with them however it works out for you and for them it could be via commission or with a flat fee. What's most important is that you and them both have access to the platform and can run and see the numbers at any time. That's why here at we offer you the best reporting platform in the business, so you can run your numbers live and for any game or competition. You can also set up your platform in a very secure way, where each agent can also see their own numbers and not anything else; you can just let them see whatever you want them to see, so that you, as the owner, can always feel safe.

Give us a call now and let’s talk about everything you need to know about agents and how we can help you make the most out of this business model. Let’s have a chat and go through our software, so that you can see for yourself everything we can do for you.

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