Bookies: Offering NCAA Futures-Championship Game is Lucrative | Other ways to Win Big

It’s guaranteed that you can increase your profits by offering more NCAA betting options. March Madness is the most bet on sporting events of the entire gambling year. In fact, no other sport beyond the NFL comes close. March is much more heavily bet than the Super Bowl. March Madness is the perfect time of the year to step up your game as a bookie. Your bottom line is at stake in March and we simply can’t emphasize this enough. The football season is in the distant past and now is the time to make a great living. College basketball is loved by millions and bet on across the USA. Build a great online bookie site and your players will never leave you. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • The NCAA Championship game is certainly one of the biggest and most popular sporting events of the entire year. You must offer the game as a futures bet. This bet is a “who’s who“ offering of the upper echelon teams from around the country such as Duke, Louisville, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon, and many others. NCAA bettors love to place this bet. They believe they can beat you and they believe their school is the best. You need these bettors. The futures income can stockpile you a large bounty and although a player may hit from time-to-time, the goal is cross-action. The more bets you have places and now ‘ the better. Up and until the tournament starts, this offering is lucrative and is a guaranteed cash cow. You must know the odds and know them well. You must be competitive. Players want the best price they can get.
  • You may be a local bookie with a few clients, and you are tempted to run from futures simply because you don’t want the risk. We understand, however, there is certainly a way around this, the pay per head. Find one and let them manage your sportsbook operation. They will give you an immediate online presence and all you pay is the “per head cost“.
  • Props: There are 68 teams that enter the field when the NCAA Tournament begins. This means there are too many games to count. The action is non-stop for three solid weeks. Prop wagers are the best way to make a small fortune. Again, you must know how to set the lines and odds. Don{t give everything away, however, stay competitive. You probably have no idea how to set the lines and odds for this many games and all of the props that go along with… Call the pay per head, they will set you up with an account specialist that sets the lines and odds every day and you simply look at them when you get up in the morning. It's this easy.
  • Parlays and Teasers: Offer them, do not shy away. What you must do is limit them. When we say “limit them“ we mean the money. You must set a budget for your sportsbook no matter how large or small you are. You want to keep up with your money and you should know how and where every dollar is being spent. As part of this budget, you must set player limits – single bet slip limits. How much can you afford to lose? Never allow yourself to lose more than 2% of your entire net worth. Remember this when you set up parlay and teaser wagers. You must offer them, players love to play them and they consistently lose.

    No matter what type of bookie you are or how big you are or even if you have just a couple of players there is one common denominator with you and the largest sportsbooks online you want to win and you want the best plan in place to see those wins as well as a great income. Find a way online. This doesn’t mean that you must spend thousands to recruit new players. What it means is this ‘ you will now keep the players you already have. Call the PPH and start earning a great living.

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