Choosing to Play Against the Odds

Playing against the odds is often what gamblers do, but what about bookies? Do bookies have any success playing against the odds and if so, how? First and foremost, you are already playing against the odds; you are a bookie! At some point in your gambling career you grew weary of playing against the odds and you grew weary of losing. So, what did you do? You jumped ship. It was a good move. However, you are still gambling, the difference – you are now the money man. You put up the money in hopes that sports gamblers will come calling and in hopes they get it wrong and get it wrong often. There is much greater risk as a bookie than as a gambler—without an abundance of players. You must be gambling with as many players as possible – you need the cross-action. As a bookie, playing against the odds is what you do and learning the tricks of the trade are vital to your success.

Arming yourself with the best defense—

Possibly you have been a bookie for years, maybe you are new to the game and would like every beneficial tip that can cross your path. We have a couple of great ones that you must consider.

  1. Get Online: If you are not online now, then you must make it a point to take your business to the internet. You must stop missing the greatest opportunity in sports gambling and that’s a web presence. Without this, you have a very small percentage of success.
  2. Get online with a Pay Per Head. If you are a bookie on any level, then you must start working with a pay per head (PPH).
  3. Without a pay per head the odds of going online and marketing your sportsbook are very slim. You may get online, anybody can dial up any of the many domain suppliers and you can have a domain name and web address for less than a couple of dollars. The question is, what do you do with that domain? Are you an experienced web host, do you have programming and coding experience, are you a writer? What about marketing? There are many factors to consider. Do you want new players or are you happy with what you have now?
  4. Taking on the sports gambler as a bookie without a top-notch pay per head, is an extremely risky venture and you are truly playing against the odds. Odds are, you will fail. All one needs to do is dial up nearly any online sportsbook through the use of Google; most all of the sportsbooks that you will find are operating under the blanket of a pay per head.

What are pay per heads?

  • A pay per head provider offers you the bookie specialized software that allows you to operate a fantastic online sportsbook.
  • The pay per head provides the bookie with a ready-made website, all you need to do is find the players.
  • A fantastic, well thought of pay per head provider will start you out with a free trial that can last for as long as 4-weeks. You pay no upfront cost and there are no surprises. You get the “Full Monty”. When you sign up for a free trial you get the full-service just as if you are a paying client.
  • Pay per head services do everything for you and there are no special skills required. You do not need to be a programmer, a software specialist, you don’t need to install anything. All you need is the ability to read reports when you want them and click a mouse. It really is that simple.

As a bookie you are playing against the odds for success if you chose to not hire an accountant, a software specialist, a programmer, a coder, an odds maker and line mover, a sports genius, a betting genius, a guru who’s been in the business and knows everything there is to know about online sports gambling. You must hire these folks to operate your business and now you can for around $10-$15 per head. Find the fantastic Pay Per Head today and start your free trial.

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