Top 5 College Football Betting Sites in the US

Read our review of the best college football betting sites in 2020 in the US.

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Top 5 College Football Betting Sites in the US

College Football

If you like college sports, and you especially like college football, you probably like to bet on these games too. So, it’s only logical that you want to find a bookie that has to offer the most when it comes to college football betting.

With that in mind, we have decided to make a list of top 5 college football betting sites:

DraftKings – A Modern Betting Site

DraftKings was already a big name in the fantasy sports industry before expanding the business to sports betting as well. With that experience, they were able to quickly become one of the best bookies in the US, especially when it comes to college sports.

This operator offers a welcome package for new players that consists of a 20% deposit bonus up to $500 and a risk-free first bet, once again in the maximum amount of $500. You can also choose from a variety of sports and markets. College football markets are also pretty numerous and odds are very competitive.

The live betting section at DraftKings is another reason to choose this betting site. However, the lack of live streaming options is one of the biggest drawbacks and something that DraftKings Sportsbook will hopefully address as soon as possible.

William Hill – One of the Worldwide Leaders

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You would probably struggle to find a bettor who doesn’t know about William Hill, one of the world’s largest bookmakers. With that in mind, it’s not a surprise that they are one of the best when it comes to betting on college football in the US. However, despite the great range of betting options for college sports and other popular leagues, they don’t really have a lot of sports you can bet on.

Meanwhile, the welcome offer that you get when you join William Hill includes $10 in free cash that you receive as soon as you sign up, as well as a matching deposit bonus up to $150 on your first deposit. Also, active players at William Hill can find many promotions active at all times.

William Hill also excels when it comes to live betting. Their live betting section is filled with live stats and other important information that allows the bettors to make a well-informed bet. Also, you can watch some games on the site thanks to their live streaming service.

FanDuel – A New Kid on the Block

FanDuel has expanded to sports betting after being only a fantasy sports website for a number of years. However, this experience is evident in their sportsbook as well, particularly when it comes to popular North American leagues and college football.

This operator offers a $500 risk-free bet as a welcome bonus for all players that open a new account. However, you won’t find much to look for when it comes to the number of promotions and bonuses for active players, although something is always available.

FanDuel also offers a solid selection of other popular sports and markets, as well as solid odds. You can also bet on live games and watch live streams of certain sports.

BetMGM – A Well-Known Name in the Gambling Industry


After gaining recognition as one of the most prominent casino resorts in the country, BetMGM expanded its business online and added a sportsbook to the website. And thanks to their brand power, they quickly became one of the best online betting sites in the USA.

BetMGM has an average number of sports you can bet on, although you can find a good number of markets when it comes to the most popular sports, including college football. You can also place live bets and watch live streams, although these mostly cover tennis and soccer matches.

When you open a new account at BetMGM, you become eligible for a risk-free first bet as a part of the welcome offer. That means that you will receive up to $500 in free bets if your first bet loses.

PointsBet – A Unique Approach to Sports Betting

PointsBet is a rather unique bookie because it provides points betting to their players. This means that you can bet on a wide variety of points-related markets and your winnings will depend on how right or wrong you are. Of course, you can also place regular bets on the website.

This bookie also specializes in betting on popular North American leagues, including college sports. Although they may not have the biggest selection of sports and markets outside of these leagues, they offer a unique betting experience, including live betting. However, they don’t provide live streams at the time.

The welcome offer at PointsBet consists of two risk-free bets up to $200 but other than that you won’t find many more promotions. However, you can receive a bonus if you refer a friend, which is a good way to get some additional funds for betting.

How to Choose the Best Sites for College Football Betting

When you choose the betting site where you can have the best college football betting experience, take a closer look at these features:

The Number and Variety of Available Markets

Even if you are mostly interested in college football and don’t plan to bet on other sports, the number of sports you can bet on is still a factor to consider. You never know when you may get a desire to place a bet on some other sport.

However, the more important thing to take into account is the number of available markets. Of course, focus on the betting markets for college football but take look at some other sports just to get an idea of how versatile the markets are.

When it comes to college football, most websites will offer various types of markets. The most basic ones are moneyline or spread, total points, betting on the outcome of each half or quarter, etc. The best sites will also give you many more options, including various props and specials.

Odds, Limits, Payout Percentages

Although the best college football betting sites will rarely differ a lot in odds, even a small difference can lead to bigger winnings in the long run. And if you like to make parlays, then the odds become even more important since each odd in a parlay is multiplied with the next before it gets multiplied with the amount you wagered.

With that in mind, you should pay attention to the odds for college football games that betting sites offer and compare them to other bookies before you make a decision to join.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most betting sites offer a welcome bonus for new players but this welcome offer can vary a lot from one bookie to another. Although the type of bonus is usually pretty similar, the amount that you can claim can cover a wide range.

In addition to the welcome offer, take a look at promotions and bonuses offered to active players before you open an account at a sports betting website. Of course, focus on bonuses and promotions related to college football.

Live Betting and Live Streaming Section

Live betting is getting more popular today and many bettors prefer to see how the situation develops before making a bet. Most websites offer live betting but some have more betting options and more matches than others.

Also, live streaming service is now being offered by many betting sites, although there are still many of them who don’t have this service. Check out whether the site you are interested in has live streaming and whether they cover college football games as well.

A Quick Guide to Betting on College Football

If you don’t have much experience with betting on college football, let’s take a look at some of the most important things you need to know.

Most Popular Betting Markets and How they Work

Those who like to bet on NFL won’t have a problem when it comes to college football since the betting markets for the two are basically the same, although you will find more of them for NFL. Still, here are some of the most popular markets for college football:

Moneyline – This is a simple bet in which your goal is simply to predict the winner.

Spread – This market includes a certain handicap, which means that the favorite has to win and cover a specific point spread. For example, if the spread is 7 points, the favorite has to win by at least 8 points for you to win the bet.

Total Points – If you like to bet on points instead of the final score, this market is perfect for you. The goal is to guess whether the combined number of points scored by both teams will go over or under the previously determined total.

Proposition Bets – These bets are also called props and they allow bettors to bet on individual performances, number of touchdowns and field goals, the type of score that opens the game, and to choose a specific margin of victory or total points.

Difference between College Football and NFL

There are a few differences between NFL and college football when it comes to betting that you should keep in mind.

  • Looser Lines – Unlike the NFL, college football has many more teams and games. Bookies don’t have all the information about teams like they do in NFL, so you will probably see much looser lines when you bet on college football.
  • Larger Lines – While there are good and bad teams in NFL too, the difference in quality between them is not as big as it between good and bad college teams. So, don’t be surprised to see large spreads or totals when you bet on college football.
  • No Consistency – NFL teams don’t change that much in a short time. Good teams are usually good for years, while bad teams need time to change their fortune. Meanwhile, college football teams lose roughly a quarter of their roster every year and the results from previous seasons don’t mean that much.

FAQ – Betting On College Football and Other Sports Online

How to Know Is the Site Reliable?

The most important thing is that the website has a license to operate in your country or state. In addition to this, you can also check out the reviews and experiences of other bettors online.

How to Open a New Account?

To create a new account, the first step is to find and click on the “Join” button. This is usually found on the homepage and it may also be called “Register” or “Sign Up”, for example.

Once you do this, you will have to fill the registration form. This is a simple process and you only have to follow the instructions and provide the necessary information.

How to Make a Deposit?

Whether you are looking to make a deposit or withdrawal, go to the “My Account” section and you will see the available payment methods you can use.

Most bookies allow bank transfer, debit and credit cards, mail check, e-check and some e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller or Skrill.

How to Place a Bet on College Football Games?

Placing a bet at any betting site is usually a simple process. First, go to the college football section and find the game that you want to bet on. When you click on it, you will see the available markets, so choose the betting option by clicking on the odds.

Once you do this, the game you have selected will appear in your betslip. You can proceed to place a bet from here or you can add other games to make a parlay. When you are done, just enter the amount you want to bet and confirm it.

What Is a Cash-Out Feature?

The Cash-Out feature is available on many betting sites but not all of them have it. It is a feature that allows bettors to get out of the bet early, before the event is over. Of course, the winnings would not be the same but you can minimize the risk of losing the bet entirely.