Come for the Free Trial – Stay for the Awesome Service

Did you know you can start a bookie with zero initial investment in any infrastructure? We talk about pay-per-head (PPH) services regularly, but we often don’t discuss the free trials available.

The majority of PPH services all offer a free trial. Typically, new bookies will receive a free trial for the first four weeks of the business, allowing you to get settled and get your players signed up.

PPH services open new accounts instantly these days. Once you sign-up at a PPH website, your free trial will begin immediately, so you’ll want to take advantage by moving quickly.

You don’t require any experience either. PPH services will set everything up for you, including a free custom website where your players will be able to sign-up for an account to start betting.

Benefits of a PPH Bookie Free Trial

Let’s take a look at the benefits when you take advantage of a free trial.

  • Zero Risk: You don’t need to pay any money to get started or sign a contract. If you aren’t happy with the service or you decided against pursuing this business, there’s no problem.
  • Test the Software: What’s better than hands on experience? With a free trial, you don’t even necessarily need to sign-up real players until you know you want to use the service. You can create fake accounts to test the capabilities of the software and reporting features.
  • Test the Support: You’ll likely be in contact with support often when you initially join a PPH service because they help you with setting everything up. You can find out quickly whether the support is going to meet your needs during the free trial period.

There’s no downside to a free 4-week trial with a PPH bookie solution. If you end up liking the service and want to stay, you’ve also saved four months of PPH fees, which can add up quickly.

Despite free trials being readily available, you still want to join the highest rated services because it’s most likely they’ll meet your needs and there’s a better chance you’ll continue the service.

You don’t want to spend months testing out free trials at multiple companies if you don’t need to. The sooner you find a suitable PPH solution, the sooner you can start growing your business.

The most important thing to test out when signing up for a free trial is the support. You want to find a PPH shop where you’ll be treated well and provided with quick support when required.

Bookies rely heavily on PPH providers. Not only do the PPH services provide the software, odds and support, but they also need to keep everything working and secured.

There are no limitations on free trial accounts either. You can sign-up all of your players and use the full suite of tools to run your business. There’s no commitment either. If you decide that you don’t want to keep the service, you simply cancel the service before the free trial is over.

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