Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Goes Silent Following Loss to Jets

After seeing his Philadelphia Eagles side defeated for the first time this season, head coach Nick Sirianni opted for the silent treatment when it came to addressing his defeated players after they ran out losers against the New York Jets.

It was the first time the Jets had ever beaten the Eagles and brought an end to the Eagles’ 5-0 run and was certainly an outcome not many would have predicted, not least because New York is still without legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is still sidelined after suffering an injury early into his debut.

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Siranni, now into his third season in charge of the Eagles, felt that following his team’s 20-14 loss in New York less would be more in terms of his interaction with his players. He opened up about this and stated post-game;

“Yeah, I didn’t have to say much,” Sirianni said. “In fact, I didn’t say anything.”

“Our guys, as soon as we got in there, they talked,”

“A lot of different guys said different things; that’s what you want out of your team.
“That part was a big positive because they’re holding each other accountable; they’re holding themselves accountable. I’m holding myself accountable, and so I didn’t have to really say anything. The leaders on the football team did, and we’ll keep what they said tight in there.”

Wide receiver A.J Brown also discussed the post-game mood;

“Just a lot of self-reflecting, a lot of leadership just stepping up and talking to each other,”
“That’s most important, even better than Nick getting up there and talking because we’re the ones going to war, we’re the ones out there going to battle each and every play, and we depend on each other.

“That was the vibe. We were just holding each other accountable. We’re going to grow from it, but I’m going to keep what was said inside the locker room.” Brown added.

Jalen Hurts had a poor game and is said to have spoken to the team about his personal display, and offensive tackle Jordan Mailata added;

“We know the standard, and we’re coached well, and I think it was important for us to speak up, and players looked each other in the eye, and we’ve got to hold each other accountable,”

“So I kind of liked it.”

Given that this loss came after a run of five straight victories, it would perhaps have been self-defeating to lay into his team after the surprise loss, and a lot will depend on how the Eagles respond when they are next in action, which occurs when they take on the Miami Dolphins on their own turf in NFL Game Week Eight.