Euro 2020 Knockout Bingo – Let’s Get Ready

The European Championships are into the Quarter Final stage and it’s where the fun, nerves and cliches really start to kick in. It’s knockout soccer at its best and with it comes a series of events that seem to happen time and time again.

With the final week all geared up and ready to go, we’re sensing a period that follows a similar pattern. So much so, we’ve channeled our inner bingo and have put together a Euro 2020 Knockout bingo for you to enjoy as the games go on.

Crying Crowd Members

With the stakes now higher, the emotions come out and we’ve already seen tears from the crowd in England’s win over Germany and the dramatic penalty shoot out win for the Swiss against France. And there are plenty more tears to come as teams start to edge closer to the final, but ultimately six of the final eight teams simply won’t make it.

From Hero to Zero

Mistakes are part and parcel of the beautiful game, so there will almost certainly be a costly error that could ultimately define a player’s career. We saw it with England manager Gareth Southgate in 1996, while many more have followed in the footsteps. We don’t want to be marking this off our Euros bingo card, but unfortunately we almost certainly will be.

The Big Shock

There have already been multiple shocks during the tournament so far, with the Czech Republic humbling the Netherlands and Switzerland knocking out France. There are now only a handful of major teams left in the tournament, and they’ll be keen to not suffer the same fate. There are plenty more surprises left in this tournament though.

From Zero to Hero

You’ll often find the hero comes from the most unlikely of places, whether it be a goalkeeper, defender or substitute popping up to make a real difference. It’s a squad game and while the star player will often receive most of the plaudits, it’s the perfect stage for an undervalued squad member to pop up and make a name for themselves.

A Dramatic VAR Decision

A new addition to the bingo card is of course to do with VAR. So far it’s been relatively smooth in the European Championships, but just like an out-of-form goalkeeper, you know there’s a mistake possible at any time. Considering there have been few so far, it feels like there’s going to be a huge VAR decision to make across the next few games. But will it prove costly?