Find the Difference Between a Credit and a PPH Agent

Attention Bookies: The time has come to take your business to the next level, in-fact, there has never been a better time than now. The market is hot and has been hot for the last few months with no signs of slowing. Now that sports gambling has been deregulated in the United States, everyone is taking advantage, everyone wants to make money and bookies everywhere are making decisions that will affect their near, and distant future. What you must decide as a bookie is what’s best for you; credit, or PPH, do you know the difference between a credit and a PPH agent?


What is a credit agent?

  • A credit agent follows its namesake; credit.
  • A credit agent is a bookie that decides to take his business to the next level as any other bookie so desires to do. The bookie latches on to an existing offshore sportsbook by making a business arrangement with them.
  • Usually the bookie knows someone personally. It would be very difficult to latch onto a sportsbook without knowing someone that worked in the industry and even then, the bookie would most likely need to know someone in upper management or even the owner of the sportsbook.

*When bookies decide they want to take their business online, there are three basic choices.

  1. Start a website with a domain name, gather clients—existing/non-existing, and do their best to make it work. This involves an abhorrent amount of work, especially if said bookie is not a programmer, doesn’t know code, maybe has limited marketing ability, doesn’t know graphic design, etc.… etc.… For bookies, starting a website and doing everything from top to bottom; it’s an incredibly difficult task.
  2. Join with an existing sportsbook. Bookies do this when as we talked about—they know someone, they know someone well enough that being extended credit by the sportsbook is not a problem. This works well in many cases and doesn’t work so well in other cases. The Bookie must split the profits and it’s usually much more in favor of the person extending the credit, not for the person receiving the credit.
  3. Join a Pay Per Head (PPH). Joining a pay per head affords the opportunity to the bookie to start his own sportsbook, he is on his own with the support of a PPH provider that provides all of the tools needed to run and operate a fully-functional, online sportsbook and casino.
  • A credit agent has been extended credit in order for them to have an online presence for their betting clients. This saves the bookie from having to start their own website and deal with all of the business aspects of operating a sportsbook. The agent is responsible for their clients and the finding of new clients. The agent will have a financial agreement with the sportsbook as how to split the profits. The Sportsbook takes care of the daily operational functions of the bookies responsibilities to his clients. The down side is this—the bookie has no say about anything whatsoever to do with business operations. However the sportsbook decides to run their business, that’s indeed how it will be run.
  • The PPH/Pay Per Head

    1. A PPH is a turnkey ready, online sportsbook, racebook, and online casino.
    2. The best news for bookies; the cost and the manner in which a PPH is provided.
    3. The PPH provider offers a fully functional website for the bookie with daily lines and odds.
    4. The accounting process is 100% taken care of and on demand reports are available to the bookie 24/7.
    5. The cost is minimal—around $10-$15 per head, per player, per week. The even better news, you only pay one time per week, per player, and only if they play at least once. If the player (your client) does not play, then you do not pay.
    6. A PPH can be started, and operational in as little as a day and you are fully in control.
    7. No upfront cost, no hidden cost…
    8. A free trial. Try before you buy. If you don’t like the process, you can back out with absolutely no obligation.

Bookies love Pay Per Head services for one reason; they are in control. We are not saying that as a credit agent, a bookie can’t find success. It is possible, but certainly much more difficult than signing up with a Pay Per Head. The trick here is to find a great PPH, and one of the best ways to find them is by conducting some quick research through gambling forums and online reviews. There are a few standout PPH providers that are worth their salt and that come with an outstanding reputation for solid customer/client support (the bookie and the gambler), and there are certainly a few that stand out above the crowd with technology, security and “up-time”. The bookie looks for dependability, reliability, and a few of these PPH providers stand out in the crowd.

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