Golf Etiquette

Golf is more than just a sports discipline because it has its own culture, glossary, and philosophy, a proud heritage. The etiquette of golf is a carefully guarded and established tradition. The earliest surviving written rules of golf date back to the mid-eighteenth century. Today the most important worldwide club organizations are the United States Golf Association and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew's of Scotland.

However, some golf etiquette rules vary from country to country, and others are commonplace. Adherence to these rules ensures that you get the most enjoyment out of your game. In some cases, you can even be gotten off the course if you have violated the golf etiquette rules of the club too many times.

Dress appropriately

Appropriate attire is a sign of respect for other players. Many golf clubs have their own dress code rules, so you need to adhere to them and inform yourself about them in advance. Traditional golf attire for men is a collared shirt combined with knee-length tailored shorts are perfect if it is very hot. Jeans or shorts, or made of denim are absolute no-gos, as also sportswear. It is the commonplace dress code rule for golf even though there has been a significant shift in allowing golf members to wear non-golf attire.

Male golf players traditionally wear golf slacks or khakis, and women also wear collared shirts with khakis, so as golf dresses (but they must be not too short). Traditional golf shoes are shoes with metal or soft spikes, however, today some clubs allow their members to play golf in sneakers.

Avoid using a cell phone on the course

Players should always show respect for other players on the field of play and should not disturb their play with any kind of movement, conversation, or unnecessary noise. According to golf etiquette, players should make sure that the electronic devices they bring onto the course do not distract other players. And it is even better to turn off your cell phone before the beginning of the game. You can enjoy later, but on the course it is important to adhere to basic rules and behave in a disciplined manner.

Be respectful toward other players

Before taking the kick, players should warn the on-field attendants nearby or in front of them if they are about to take a kick that may endanger those persons. If a player sends the ball in such a way that it might hit someone, the player should immediately yell “Fore!” Even if your desire to win is strong, you need to demonstrate politeness and generosity. And you should never step on another player's putt line.

Don't make other players wait for you

Players should be ready to play when it is their turn to play. When playing on or near the green, their packs or carts should be left in a position to be ready to quickly leave the green and move to the next tee area. Upon completion of the hole, players should leave the area immediately.

Use the temporary ball

If a player believes his ball may be lost (outside a water hazard) or may be out of play, he should, to save time, always play with a temporary ball.


Learning how to golf is a delicate matter, and it's not immediately possible to follow all the conventions on the course. In reality, there are much more bits of golf etiquette to know not to be short of a game. To be prepared for the realities of golf, you should inform yourself about all the rules of your goal club and be well-equipped for your first game. Then you will become the golf player everyone wants to play with. Ready for your first backswing?