Hosting a Successful Corporate Golf Event: How Do You Plan It?

Golf Range

Did you know that golf can be the ultimate business tool to attract clients and foster corporate relationships? Industry leaders believe golfing can enhance your company’s social responsibility and help you engage with the community. It’s also a way to raise money for a cause your company believes in.

The thing is, everyone is very passionate about this sport as a team-building leisure activity. On average, one-third of Americans love playing golf, following tournaments, and reading about the game. Therefore, golf can become a tremendous avenue for organizations wanting to entertain their vendors, clients, employees, and customers.

Do you want to plan a corporate golf event for everyone associated with your company? But, planning such a large-scale event can be daunting if you aren’t aware of the basic tips.

In this blog, we will discuss three ways you can host a golf event without any hiccups or shortcomings.

#1. Create a Budget for the Event

Did you know that most companies lose money when organizing a golf event? That mostly happens when your team is unaware of how to manage the funds for such an occasion. Therefore, you need to create a budget and stick to it.

Many entrepreneurs consider the budget of their corporate golf event to be the most crucial aspect. Technically, a golf event cannot function or be successful without proper budgeting. Before you do anything about the event, you must put a finance team in place to determine the overall costs.

The average budget should be based on the number of people attending the event. That way, you can determine the amount of money your company has to spend on food, prizes, drinks, contests, and other essentials.

During the planning and budgeting phase, remember to consider the cost of these things:

• Renting out a course based on its size and quality
• Paying staff for catering and cleaning
• Getting good-quality food and drinks for everyone
• Investing in equipment like golf hats, clubs, carts, etc.
• Sharing marketing materials to promote your business

You also need to consider the amount of money you want to spend on entertainment during the event. These include live music, stand-up comedies, etc.

#2. Find Competent Golf Event Planners in Your Area

Once you’ve selected an average budget, you’ll need to hire an event planner. For instance, you’ll need to find a company that carefully blends professionalism and pleasure when organizing golf events. But remember to hire an individual or a company that specializes in corporate golf event planning in your state.

Let’s say you own a business in Colorado and want to host the event there. Did you know the state houses 236 golf facilities that generate millions of dollars? This proves people in Colorado love playing golf.

Therefore, it won’t be hard for you to find a company specializing in meticulously tailoring a corporate golf event to your budget. Someone with expertise in such events in Colorado will know the best locations and understand the local regulations. But remember to check the company’s experience, number of employees, pricing model, list of golf courses, etc., when selecting.

Usually, golf event managers in Colorado will have enough knowledge and expertise to organize it based on your company’s unique demands and opportunities. They will have a premium network of golf courses and vendors to help create a robust event after analyzing your preferences and budget. All you have to do is select a location based on its accessibility, course quality, scenic beauty, and amenities.

According to Colorado Under Par, with the help of personalization and innovation, these golf event planners can focus on brand image and meet objectives for creating a memorable experience. With their help, your company can focus on strategic event planning, logistical coordination, and itinerary development.

#3. Choose the Format of Your Golf Event

Once you’ve selected a budget and found an event planner, it’s time to choose the type of golf you want your attendees to play. According to the Professional Golfers Career College, there are almost 16 different types of golf tournament formats you can play. All these golf formats will be relaxing for the players without taking away their competitive edge.

You can also check these underrated formats and pick one that suits your event size and aim:

Odd and even format: Each team will have two golfers using the same ball to hit even and odd-numbered shots, respectively.

Scramble or alternate shot: Player A hits the tee shot. Then, player B needs to hit the ball from that position. They continue taking shots until the ball is in the cup.

Bingo bango bongo: In this, the players get a different point depending on the distance of the ball from the hole. The player with the most points wins the game.

Shamble: For this format, each team will have a player that tees off. Based on the distance, they’ll get scores to determine the best shot. After that, the players will continue playing their ball until it hits the hole.

In summary, a corporate golf event can help you entertain clients, introduce products, develop business prospects, strengthen brand awareness, reward employees, and solidify business relationships. With this, you can support a non-profit social cause and raise money for it.

However, planning such an event can get challenging if you fail to follow the tips shared in this blog. These include hiring a professional golf event planner, selecting a venue based on your preferences, and choosing the format of the game. All these will help you organize a successful golf event.