How did results compare to odds in NFL week 1?

The 2022/2023 NFL season is underway and week 1’s games are already in the history books. Fans were treated to a tie and four upsets in week 1’s NFL action. Moreover, several games were decided in the final minutes.

You are in the right place if you want to know how NFL’s week 1 game outcomes compare to the predictions and odds.
Explore the table below for an overview of everything that took place during the first week of NFL action.

Also, read on to the end as we discuss every week 1 game. Enjoy!

Game Moneyline Winner Prediction
Broncos at Seahawks Broncos -280
Seahawks +235
Seahawks Broncos
Buccaneers at Cowboys Buccaneers -140
Cowboys +120
Buccaneers Buccaneers
Giants at Titans Giants +210
Titans -250
Giants Titans
Raiders at Chargers Raiders +150
Chargers -175
Chargers Chargers
Packers at Vikings Packers -120
Vikings +100
Vikings Vikings
Chiefs at Cardinals Chiefs -240
Cardinals +200
Chiefs Chiefs
Colts at Texans Colts -315
Texans +260
Tie Colts
Ravens at Jets Ravens -280
Jets +235
Ravens Ravens
49ers at Bears 49ers -295
Bears +245
Bears 49ers
Steelers at Bengals Steelers +230
Bengals -275
Steelers Bengals
Saints at Falcons Saints -240
Falcons +200
Saints Saints
Jaguars at
Jaguars +115
Commanders -135
Commanders Commanders
Browns at Panthers Browns -110
Panthers -110
Browns Panthers
Eagles at Lions Eagles -230
Lions +195
Eagles Eagles
Patriots at Dolphins Patriots +150
Dolphins -175
Dolphins Dolphins
Bills at Rams Bills -131
Rams +115
Bills Bills

1. Broncos at Seahawks

The Broncos were the favorites in this game (-280) with the Seahawks being the underdogs (+235). However, the Seahawks beat the favorites 17:16 to claim an unlikely win. It is important to note that Seahawks win overshadowed Russell Wilson's return to Denver Broncos.

2. Buccaneers at Cowboys

Just as predicted, the Buccaneers were too strong for the Cowboys. With odds of (-140) the Buccanners were favorites in this NFL match. So, it isn't surprising they enjoyed a comfortable win (19-3) when facing Cowboys (+120).

3. Giants at Titans

Despite being the favorites, the Titans lost to Giants in a close match that ended with a 20-21 score line. Please note that the Giants went into the match as underdog’s with odds of +210 while Titan’s odds to win this NFL game were -250.

4. Raiders at Chargers

The Chargers had a comfortable game against the Raiders. Moreover, most predictions on the game were correct after the full-time whistle. The Chargers went into this game as the clear favorites (-175). Meanwhile, the Raiders were the underdogs (+150), and their spirited performance is the reason the match ended with a close 24:19 score line.

5. Packers at Vikings

It was another day at the office for the Vikings. 23:7 was the score line after the full-time whistle that ended Packers’ misery. The packers were the underdogs in this NFL matchup (-120) while the Vikings were the favourites (+100).

6. Chiefs at Cardinals

The Chiefs outdid themselves to claim a win while away at the Cardinals. 21-44 was the emphatic full time score line. NFL fans in the US and worldwide aren't surprised by this result since Chiefs went into this game as the favorites (-240) while Cardinals were the underdogs (+200).

7. Colts at Texans

Many people believed that the Colts would beat the Texans in week 1 NFL action. However, this did not come to pass since the outcome of this match was a tie after overtime! The full-time score was 20-20, showing just what an even game, it was, despite the game having quite a big favourite (Colts -315) and an underdog (Texans +260).

8. Ravens at Jets

The Ravens also had another great day at the office just as many people predicted. The Ravens beat the Jets 24-9 in an unbalanced game that had a clear favourite. the Ravens of course! At the start of the game the Ravens and Jets odds were -280 and +235, respectively.

9. 49ers at Bears

One of the biggest defeats in week one came when the Bears beat the 49ers. With odds of -295, 49ers were pretty big favorites while the underdogs were Bears +245. Unfortunately, 49ers could not get the better of a menacing Bears side.

10. Steelers at Bengals

Another shocking upset in week 1 NFL action was the Steelers’ loss at the hands of the Bengals, who were the underdogs (-275) in this match. It was obvious before the game that Steelers were the favourite, but things were not the same after the overtime period that saw Bengals steal the Steelers’ hopes of claiming victory.

11. Saints at Falcons

The Saints had a tense win over the Falcons in week 1. Players who had their money on Saints smiled all the way to the bank as the Saints edged out the Falcons 27-26 in an epic and close game. Before the match kicked off the Saints were the favourite (+200) while Falcons the underdogs (-240).

12. Jaguars at Commanders

28-22 was the full-time score line as the Commanders beat Jaguars in one of the hotly-contested week 1 NFL games. Predictions claiming the Commanders will beat the Jaguars were correct as the favorites (Commanders -135) beat the underdogs (Jaguars +115).

13. Browns at Panthers

NFL enthusiasts who were at this game know that it was decided in the final minutes. It was a big match for the underdogs (Panthers -110) since they beat the favourites (Browns -110) 26-24 in a riveting game that's all-important scores were in the closing minutes.

14. Eagles at Lions

The Eagles were the clear favorites while entering this match, but they later discovered that they had to dig deep to earn the victory against a resilient Lions’ side. 38-35 was the score line after the full-time whistle blew, and as you can see it was a lot closer than the pre-match odds anticipated with the Eagles at -230 and the underdogs at +195.

15. Patriots at Dolphins

Week 1 NFL action saw the Patriots lose their first game to Dolphins. Many people saw this coming, and this explains why dolphins were the favorites (-175) in this match. Meanwhile, the underdogs, the Patriots (+150) will be looking for the first win in week 2 NFL action.

16. Bills at Rams

Believe it or not, the Bills had an incredible start to the 2022/2023 NFL season. Bills’ resounding win over Rams 31-10 will give them more confidence as this season's calendar opens. Of course, the Bills win was expected since they were the favorites (-131) while the Rams were the underdogs (+115).