How do Bookies Make Money?

The online sports gambling business doubles nearly every five years and this year alone, more than $10 billion was spent just on March Madness! That’s a mind-boggling number and one that bears the question, where is all of this money going? It’s going into the pockets of someone.

Are you benefiting from this sports gambling windfall, are you seeing the profits come rolling in? If not, you could be, and you can see those big profits through the eyes of a bookie; you!

  • Bookies make money by having players play with them. In order to make real money, you must get the players, you must get the action and you must get the cross action.
  • HAVE A CASINO! Really, we can’t emphasize this enough. You may ask, how can I start a casino, or wouldn’t that cost a fortune? Two answers; EASY, and NO.
  • The process of starting an online casino is quick, easy, and you can be operational in a day or two. Now, let’s be real, the goal here was to start an online bookie business, so yes, although that may be your first priority, starting an online casino is a mandatory must for any bookie. You will make a ton of extra cash in the casino.
  • Nine out of ten successful bookies are operating under the blanket of a Pay Per Head, or otherwise known as a (PPH).
  • Go online and conduct a search for a fantastic PPH provider. Find one that will offer you a free trial and one that offers fair pricing.
  • A fair priced PPH will usually charge between $10-$15. Often the underpriced PPH services are not worth their time and the customer service is minimal at best, or worse, nonexistent.

Bookies must know what they plan to offer on their wagering menu and they must also know a little about those sports.

  • Be prepared to offer as many sports as humanly possible. Remember, you are dealing with gamblers and they want to gamble.
  • Be in the know as much as you can be about the sports that you are offering. The bookie business is like any other business, the more product knowledge you have, the better your product will sell.
  • Offer horse racing. The horses are a big deal and the more tracks that you offer, the more horse players you will draw to you online horse book. Make sure that your PPH offers all of the popular tracks across the USA, and worldwide.
  • Make sure that your PPH pays track Odds. This is important to horse players.
  • Nobody is suggesting that you be a sports guru. What is being suggested is that you know enough about sports in general to make clear cut decisions when adjusting lines and odds.
  • Find a PPH that is willing to set all of the daily lines and odds for you, and one that will grade all of the day’s action. The PPH providers will allow you to adjust your own lines and odds on any game or event that you feel persuaded to do so. Remember, it’s your online sportsbook and you are paying for the service.

The short and tall of it all…

  • Bookies make a lot of money by being all things to all people, all of the time! The problem is, you can’t possibly do all of this all of the time. In order to make real money as a bookie you must have a system in place and that system involves great bookie software.
  • Find bookie software that is affordable, and user-friendly, and there we go again! We can’t emphasize this enough. A PPH will provide the service to you and for your clients. They can and will, love using your online sportsbook in the comfort of their own home.

Successful bookies that make a nice income are on the rise. Online sports gambling is now legal, and everybody is doing it. Remember the $10 billion spent on March Madness? What about the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, and baseball? Better yet, what about the NFL, college football, the MMA, soccer, golf, auto racing, and tennis? Gamblers want, and will, bet on all of these sports if you offer them, and the best, most efficient way to offer them, is through the use of a fantastic Pay Per Head gambling software.