How the online gambling industry took off during the pandemic

Slowly but surely the global coronavirus pandemic is tailing off after months of catastrophic disruption. The disease has swept the globe, changing how countries operate and how ordinary people live. But, one industry which has seemingly profited from the pandemic has been the online gambling industry.

Whilst the brick-and-mortar gambling establishments have faced closures and continued stress due to the halt in all of the world’s major sporting leagues, the online world went from strength-to-strength. Naturally, as so many of us sat at home with little to focus on, the online environment became more of interest than ever before. Many newcomers flooded online to try and find their ideal place to play, with many sites offering new players exciting bonuses such as free bet no deposit to spark their curiosity.

As newcomers discovered the entertaining highs of online gambling, a plethora of seasoned players have used the time at home to hone their skills. But, just how has the pandemic provided a boon for the online gambling world?

Online casino games on the rise

As sports betting was on hold for a good few months, many of those players searched for new forms of gambling in what were unprecedented and restricted times whilst more newcomers flocked to the click of a button. Though online slots and poker participation numbers were up by 25% and 38% respectively, overall gambling revenues decreased as online gaming numbers ballooned.

A lot of this was down to the fact that seasoned players were experimenting with new ways to entertain themselves online. And, with people having to stay at home for longer periods than perhaps they ever had in their lives before, online gambling was an easy way to enjoy that spare time, especially with the increasingly impressive mobile smartphones that are being developed.

How the pandemic changed global markets forever

Traditional gamers apparently flocked to the online gambling market as a way of alleviating the loss of sports betting. That boredom experienced during lockdown led to the number of new online casino players increasing exponentially.

US online betting tends to revolve around the markets provided by New Jersey and Pennsyvlania whose revenue increases suggests that the industry can outlast the pandemic.

Therefore, whilst the pandemic crashed stock markets globally, online gambling companies were the ones increasing in value.

Will those newcomers continue online gambling – who knows? If they do though, online gambling will have been boosted in an incredible manner during heartbreaking times.