How To Analyze Odds To Find Sure Bets Online (Arbitrage betting)

The online gambling industry is growing rapidly on daily basis thanks to its accessibility and variety of casinos and their game offers. For a beginner gambler starting out can be overwhelming and discouraging, considering that the chances of winning are small, or in other words, the bookmakers are setting you up for a loss.

More advanced players know that it’s not always the case, on contrary, you could earn large sums of money betting on your favorite teams and sports, you just need to learn about one simple method, Arbitrage betting.

What is arbitrage betting?

According to, arbitrage betting is a gambling strategy that acquires you to place bets on multiple outcomes of the same event, therefore securing you with the guaranteed profit. To put this in the example: you are betting on a Basketball game. You put $100 on Team 1, let’s say LA Lakers, and at the same time you put $100 on Team 2, in this case, Sacramento Kings.

Since there are no draws in the game of Basketball, by default one of these teams has to win. The odds on LA Lakers to win are 1.6 and the odds on Sacramento Kings are 2.5. Therefore, considering you have invested $100 on both of these teams, in the case if LA Lakers win, you would win $160, earning $60 of profits. On the other hand, if Sacramento Kings won you would earn $250, with $150 of profits, respectfully.

Mathematically speaking, your investment in both of these teams was $200. Depending on which team won, you would be looking at $50 overall profits in the case of the Sacramento Kings winning the game.

These are the basics of Arbitrage betting

The question remains: How can you manipulate the Odds in your favor?

The first step is realizing that this form of betting is far from traditional gambling. Traditional gambling relies on the chance of luck, while on the other hand, arbitrage betting focuses on the mathematical processes to ensure optimal profits.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a mathematical genius to understand how everything functions, and how you can utilize the knowledge to maximize your earnings. Simple math will do. Luckily, the age of the internet has allowed us to produce and use Arbitrage betting software and therefore made the calculations and profits estimate more effortless, and accurate.

However, if you prefer doing calculations by yourself there is a mathematical formula. The arbitrage percentage is estimated by dividing 1 by each set of odds and then adding them together. This percentage, 95.833%, indicates what portion your investment will take up of the total earnings.

Arbitrage betting requires patience, persistence, and stability. Even though, chances of profiting through this method happen every day, the profits take time. Professional betters look at it as more of an investment than the opportunity to make money fast and effortlessly.

As professional arber Simon Renstrom was quoted saying: “If gambling is a high-risk lottery, in comparison sports arbitrage is more of low-risk high-yield investment. Most users reach a very high ROI (Return on Investment) in comparison with other investment approaches.”

In terms of legality of this form of gambling strategy, one thing is sure: Arbitrage betting is completely legal. However, bookmakers are not particularly welcoming towards it, and the reason is clear. It costs them a lot of money.

The good thing is that experienced gamblers often use various accounts on different bookmakers’ platforms, making it hard for bookmakers to track their activity. On the other hand, if they notice the pattern of frequent winning, the bookies will monitor the user’s activity carefully, and in the case, they suspect the account is arbing, they will ban it from the platform, oftentimes without the warning. This action is called gubbing.

Last, but not least there are a few tips and tricks to optimize your gambling experience using the arbing method. As we mentioned previously, it is a good idea to have multiple accounts with a variety of bookmakers, where you could place different amounts of money, making it harder for bookies to trace your activity.

Another useful tip is to create a spreadsheet, where you could organize and keep an eye on your bets and potential earnings. Often, it gets harder to keep track of the bets, considering that the basis of arbing is placing multiple bets at the same time. And, the last and most important advice is to be patient, and it will pay off.