How to Find the Best Odds for Scandinavian Betting Objects

Picture this. It’s a Sunday afternoon and your friend challenges you to a coin toss. He promises €40 if you bet €10 for heads and €20 if you bet the same amount on tails. A coin flip is a 50/50 outcome, so there’s an equal chance of head or tails.

What would you predict? Heads, obviously—right? You get more money with heads even though the odds are the same. Do you use the same logic when betting on sports? Cause if you don’t, you’re losing money.

How you select odds can be a game changer in sports betting. Here’s a guide to help you find the best odds, especially on Scandinavian betting sites.

Compare Betting Sites

The best betting websites earn their ratings for getting several things right. First, they offer hundreds of betting markets daily. Then they process payments fast and offer free bets to players. Additionally, they provide competitive odds.

For these reasons, list down the top five best-rated online bookmakers and compare their odds. Pick a popular football game—say an EPL match between Liverpool and Man City. Check Liverpool’s winning odds on 2-3 sites. And then compare City’s odds.

By default, you want to bet on the website with the best odds for every game. That means you need to compare odds for every game you want to predict. You can make the process easier by specializing in a few bet types. That way, you don’t have too many wagers to compare.

Choose Scandinavian Betting Sites

So, you want good betting odds for Scandinavian sports? Bet on Nordic bookie sites. These companies target punters like you. And to grab your attention, they offer an impressive betting experience through their odds and bonuses.

In case you’re wondering, here are some examples of top-rated Scandinavian betting sites. The average bookmaker supports over twenty sports and 100 leagues around Europe. They offer pre-match and live betting.

And to add cherry on top, they let you stream your favorite sports games through their apps. These companies also shower you with bonuses. Free bets help increase your profits, so claim them whenever you have the chance.

Use an Odds Comparison Tools

The fastest way to discover the best odds for popular games is through odds comparison platforms. These tools compare the odds of dozens of betting apps. They then list the bookie with the best odds for the home, draw or away prediction.

Comparing odds aside, these tools can help you discover matched betting opportunities. For the uninitiated, matched betting is a trick that involves wagering on two competitors. It works best when you have a free bonus.

Let’s say Barcelona are facing Real Madrid. The hosts have odds 1.30 for win or draw. In contrast, the visitors have odds 1.50. You can use your £10 free bet to wager on Barcelona at one bookie.

Then you can use another £10 to wager on Real. Regardless of which wins, you’ll be assured of a profit. With that in mind, some experts claim you can exploit matched betting without bonuses. But these opportunities are challenging to come by.

Consider Value Bets

Sometimes what you believe are good football odds might not be worth betting on. Imagine this. Bayern Munich are facing last placed Wolfsburg at home. Everyone expects Munich to win, including bookies.

As such, the best odds for betting on Bayern are a measly 1.15. They are the best odds on betting sites. But are they any good? That’s where value betting comes into play. It challenges you to look beyond the numbers on betting sites.

With Bayern’s game as an example, there’s little value for your bet. Instead, a better prediction would be Bayer Leverkusen vs Borussia Dortmund where Bayer has odds 1.90 even though they’re on a five-game winning streak.

In other words, value betting involves finding matches with higher chances of happening than bookies believe. Value odds are challenging to spot. But they exist a lot more often than many people care to think.

Check Odds for Unpopular Matches

Many bookmakers are excellent at creating the odds for popular games. They can design their odds for an EPL much so well that finding a matched betting opportunity is nearly impossible. But look for odds in the minor leagues and you’ll find plenty of quality betting markets.

The thing is, bookmakers respond to demand. If there’s a demand for UCL matches, they will provide exceedingly competitive Champions League odds. In some sports—say eSports or minor league hockey, it’s easier to find great odds.

That’s because in the minor sports and leagues, bookmakers might not have much information to work with. And guess what? They tend to create odds based on what punters are betting on.
Of course, you should research each game thoroughly regardless of its popularity. The objective is to find not only competitive odds but also value odds.

Check Tipster Sites

Another place to check the best odds for sports games is on tipster websites. Tipsters compare games to let you know which team to bet on. But they also tend to show the bookie with the best odds for each game.

Tipsters are best used for comparison reasons. You should choose games to wager on. Then you need to research to find value odds. After that, you can compare your prediction with that of a professional tipster.

Tipsters don’t always predict sports correctly. In fact, some of them are no better at prediction than regular punters. However, a good prediction can show you the reasons to bet or not to bet on a specific game.

Your Turn

Wondering how you can find great odds for Scandinavian sports? Look for a few top-rated betting sites and compare their odds. If that sounds like too much work, use an odds comparison tool or visit your tipster site.

Crucially, don’t get worked out about betting odds. Instead, focus on getting value from your bets. And how do you find value odds? Look for underappreciated leagues and teams.