How To Navigate The NFL Season

The NFL 2022-23 season is only a few months away – which means you have only a little amount of time to prepare for it. Don’t worry, though: this guide has got you covered.

The dust has just settled on the 2021-22 NFL season, with the LA Rams having won the Super Bowl final. Now, it’s the offseason, which means most fans are patiently waiting for the return of American Football to their television and smartphone screens!

With the next NFL season fast approaching, here’s how you can successfully navigate it:

Prepare Your Betting Budget

Betting culture is huge in the NFL world. Each season, millions of fans place bets on which teams they think will win, who will score the most touchdowns, and many other variables.

You can do this, too – all you need to do is look at the NFL odds first. After this, you can make an account with your chosen gambling provider and bet on as many NFL games as you like when the new season arrives.

LA Rams Vs. Buffalo Bills – Add September 9 To Your Schedule

The new season officially starts on September 9 when the LA Rams face off against the Buffalo Bills. If you’ve not done so yet, you need to add this date to your schedule so that you don’t forget!

The Rams won the Super Bowl last season, so they’ll be eager to continue their red-hot form from months ago. Whether they will be able to do this or not remains to be seen.

Choose Your Teams To Support

When it comes to the NFL, you can either support one team (such as your hometown one) or select multiple teams to support if you’re more of a casual fan. Typically, casual fans will choose bigger-name teams like the Dallas Cowboys due to their huge mainstream following!

Get Up-To-Date With Draft Picks

During the offseason, there has already been plenty of draft picks. Between now and preseason, there are also expected to be more free agent transactions. As a fan, you need to stay up-to-date with all of this, as your knowledge will be better prepared when the season begins. If not, player rosters will be confusing to you!

Join A Streaming Service To Avoid Missing Games

To watch NFL games, don’t stream them illegally. Instead, use an official streaming service. For NFL streaming, your best option is to use YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is the only streaming service on the planet that has all of the channels that broadcast NFL games, from CBS to ESPN. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll never miss a game. However, YouTube TV costs $65 a month, largely due to the fact that it offers such a broad range of coverage.

See What’s Trending On Twitter

During the upcoming NFL season, make sure you keep an eye on what’s trending on NFL Twitter. NFL discussions are always entertaining (and hilarious) on Twitter, and you’re guaranteed to interact with lots of like-minded fans. Creating a Twitter account only takes a few seconds, so give it a try!