How to Pick an Online Sports Betting Market to Begin Gambling?

Picking an online sports betting market as a new player is easier said than done. With so many options available out there, and multiple markets, knowing which sports resonate with you can be really difficult,especially if you are interested in a selection.

Now more than ever, there are a variety of markets available to players, with a selection of betting options to try.In addition to this, sportsbooks all provide different odds, presenting players with the challenge to find and select the best sportsbook odds. OddsIndex provides a sportsbook odds comparison so that players can level the playing field and select the best odds for them. When you find a niche of gambling that you want to go with, you can have no problem in finding the best value and getting straight into the fun!

Below is a list of ways to help you pick a specific niche when it comes to sports gambling.

Entertainment purposes

This may be so simple to think of but it's true! Gambling is one thing and following the odds and activity of the sports consistently is another. It is important regardless of the niche you pick, that the sport is something you enjoy, and you see it as a form of entertainment. If you pick for any other reason rather than this as your primary reason, you may find that this hobby of sports gambling will certainly not stay for long.

There would be absolutely no point on gambling in the NBA, if you hate watching basketball now, would it? Especially when you are gambling for real money and having to invest a lot of time and patience into it, enjoying it is vital ahead of anything else. The same can be applied to watching sports, spectators love the thrill and the excitement of games. The key to this is to separate your emotions from the sport, and gamble from a purely mathematical perspective.

Make sure you understand the sport

Enjoying the sport and watching it is one thing, understanding the strategic analysis and the commentary can help elevate your understanding. In order to maximise your returns from sports betting, supporting your bets with evidence and statistics can lead to a much better return. Often the best sports bettors are those that have a strong knowledge of the sport and are up to date with the latest statistics.

When you collate different factors for the day that can affect performance, e.g. weather, injury and so on, you will come to see that estimations and predictions become much harder to make. Imagine a key player from a soccer team happens to be out with an injury, a replacement may not have a good of a record but you wouldn’t look to wager money on an event following these changes? It would make absolutely no sense at all, to be convinced that a team's performance would go unchanged!Its small factors and circumstances like this, that mean everything when making successful bets, so having the knowledge is not something you can compromise on. You either have it or you don’t.

Understanding the various betting types

Last but not least, once you have put together an idea of what sport you wish to gamble on, understanding the betting types available is the next big step that you need to conquer. With many sports there are often standard betting types, in addition to exotic bets. The best thing to do, to ensure that you first get a good grasp of gambling, is to tackle the standard betting variations first. Exotic betting takes many years of experience most of the time, and the odds that dictate the outcomes are extremely slim, so you could definitely find yourself maybe a little disappointed, if you jump straight into the deep end first.


Knowing what sport is worth your time and attention, will certainly take some time to conclude. Making sure you enjoy the sport is very important for any player who wishes their journey to be a long term and sustainable one. If it is just about the money for you, you may lose some motivation along the way, so pick right and go with exactly the sport you know and love.