Is there a Difference Between the European and American Bettors?

No matter where you go in this great big world there is one constant, gamblers love to gamble. They love to gamble in the United States, and they love to gamble in Europe. American bettors are somewhat different from European bettors, but the common denominator remains the same – gambling. They love to gamble on sports, they love the racebook, and they love a great casino. The difference between European and American bettors is not vast but there are enough differences and every bookie should be aware of them and should be using a pay per head provider that gives them the proper tools to accommodate every bettor. Let’s examine the differences.

· European Bettors: They love soccer and they will bet on it every chance they get. As a bookie, you must make sure that you are offering the best lines and odds and you must be competitive with a million other guys out there! There are umpteen sports betting sites that offer a wide variety of soccer leagues along with the tightest lines in the industry.

· A big mistake that American bookies will often make, is not offering solid lines and odds. This can’t be overstated. Soccer is a big deal around the world and Europeans love to bet it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s popular and more often than not, the gambler has a favorite team in their hometown. Two, it’s a sport that Europeans feel they can beat you at. They are cocky and arrogant, and they will keep the money flowing. You must provide them with great lines, if you do, they will deposit regularly. The more they lose, the more they will try to beat you!

· American bookies tend to let their personal preferences get I the way of business. You may be a bookie from the United States, and you may not care for soccer in any fashion. Don’t let this hinder you. Who cares if you like it or dislike it? What matters is are you offing a sport that you can earn a small fortune on? Do not let your dislike for soccer get in the way of big earning potential.

· You must know the soccer lines. If you don’t, then find the best pay per-head provider for soccer and let them do the work for you. Great Pay Per Heads providers will always offer the best soccer lines. They have been in business for more than 20-years and they know their stuff. Trust them with your bookie business. Setting soccer lines is not an easy task, you may think you know what you are doing but this is a tricky gig! Don’t go it alone. If you want to appeal to European bettor, then you must know what soccer lines work and which ones don’t.

· American Bettors: They love football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. They think they can own you with baseball and they will kill themselves trying to beat you in football. Again, this is Where you must know your lines and odds. Setting lines and odds for any sports is tricky and it takes skill. Too often, bookies will settle for “following the crowd”. Meaning – they set lines according to other bookmakers. Do not do this. Sometimes you can get away with this, many times you cannot. The “big box bookmakers” will often give a few points here and there. They do this to gain more players. They can afford this, you probably can’t. The best PPH providers will supply the daily lines and odds and you can trust them.

No matter who your audience may be, who your client base is made up of or who you appeal to – American or Europeans, you must be offering them the best lines and odds along with the sports they love to play. Stop fighting this alone and start earning a six-figure income with a pay per head. The PPH hires the best line movers and oddsmakers in the gaming business. Most of the best PPH providers like have hired line mover that worked in Las Vegas or for some of the largest offshore sportsbooks in the world. Call the PPH today and find out how you can earn big profits.

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