Looking for a New Pay Per Head Software Provider?

Are you considering making a switch to a new pay-per-head (PPH) software provider?

There are numerous reasons why bookies switch PPH services. In some cases, they have to due to the service closing down, other times it’s because the bookies wants an improved solution.

While all PPH services offer the same features for the most part, the level of service you receive from each service varies a lot and receiving poor service is a main reason bookies switch PPH providers.

Tips to Follow When Seeking Out a New Pay Per Head Solution

The following are some simple tips to use when you’re looking for a new PPH software provider. You don’t want to end up having to continually search for new solutions.

Spend some time finding the right PPH service, so you don’t have to change providers again.

  • Try the Support: Make sure you communicate with the support reps prior to committing to a PPH service. You want to find out how knowledgeable and responsive the reps are.
  • Check the Features: Some features available at PPH services aren’t available everywhere. It’s important to make sure everything you need is available before joining a new service.
  • Read Reviews: 1000s of bookies use PPH services and there are plenty of reviews online at the various betting forums and websites. You can learn about a service by reading the reviews.
  • Try the Free Trial: There is typically a free trial that lasts several weeks at PPH shops. This is to give bookies an opportunity to try the full service without committing any money.

Generally the free trial is four weeks at most PPH shops. You have full access to every feature during the free trial and you can sign-up as many of your players as you want without any costs.

Some bookies will bring over a few players initially to ensure everything is working fine and that the players are happy with the software, odds and support provided by the PPH shop.

Once you know you’ll be staying with the service, you can onboard the rest of your players. As a new bookie, saving money anywhere is important and you’ll save a lot with a four week free trial.

Let’s say you have 10 players and the PPH service costs $10/head per week. You’ll be saving $100 per week and a total of $400 over the entire four week free trial period.

You won’t find a better offer than a 4 week free trial, so don’t delay, sign up today. If a PPH service doesn’t offer a free trial, I’d actually be cautious about joining the service.

There’s really no reason for a PPH service not to offer a free trial. They want to attract long-term bookies that aren’t going to close down after being in business for a few short months.

If you’re ready to change PPH software providers, make sure you do your due diligence. The easiest way to do this is by utilizing a free trial offer to test out the software and additional features.

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