Make Good Choices for Your Business

According to “The Economist” Americans lost more than $116 Billion dollars gambling on sports in 2018! That’s a number that says, “get in now”. This number reflects the passion that American bettors have for sports and their desire to win money watching their favorite events. There is still room for growth. It’s not only Americans that love to gamble but the world over. Folks all over the world think they have what it takes to beat the bookie and casino. They keep coming back for more and there are no signs of slowing. Gambling is an economy proof business that never fails to come through in the best of times and in the worst of times. When the “Great Recession” of 2008 hit, everyone took a huge dive, Las Vegas was one of the worst hit cities in the entire nation , along with Florida and a few others. The hotel industry took one of the hardest hits and thousands were without jobs and thousands more lost their “underwater” homes; gamblers kept gambling. The offshore bookies saw a boon in business like never before. Now is the time to make the most of every opportunity, are you doing right by your business?

The Right Track—

  • If you are a bookie on any level, then you know there is great potential for serious money. What you must do is tap into the right business model that will fuel the growth and meet your clients needs at the same time.
  • Find a business model that works for you but keeps the clients coming back.
  • One thing we know for certain is that finding betting clients is not that difficult, keeping them faithful is another story altogether. In this day and age of online gambling, the competition is fierce, and it lurks in every corner. What you must do is build a business that makes clients want to stay—want to be loyal to you. Building a business model that’s attractive to clients is not at all difficult, in fact, it’s the easiest part of your job as a bookie and casino manager.

Building an Attractive Sportsbook/Casino—

  • There are a few rules to follow before getting started, if you are operating now, then by all means, use these rules as a refresher and apply them to your current operations.
  • Have a smart budget that works for you. Know how much you can afford to lose every single day, week, and month. You must budget your money, if you do not, then expect a disaster.
  • Bookies must know what their gambling limits are. You must set limits for your players. If you start your online sportsbook with $5,000, are you going to take $1,000 bets per game? Absolutely not.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that bookies make is letting their eyes get bigger than their stomachs. (What do we mean?) Bookies tend to dive in head over heels and decide they must to everything the client asks of them. They are often afraid that if they don't do this, then word of mouth will spread, and their reputation will be ruined. Look, if you are going to have any success in this business, then you must set game limits or you will not be in this business for very long.

Get Help—

Find an organization that can help you. We highly suggest and recommend a “Pay Per Head”. Why a Pay Per Head and what difference can it make?

  • A pay per head or (PPH) as we will call it, is offered by a PPH provider. There are many of these providers on the internet. Many of them have been in business for several years and are very trustworthy, some of them are new and unknown and then there are many that are simply not worth their time. Find a great pay per head that comes with a top-notch reputation for customer service and one that’s known around the industry. Most importantly, find one that will give you a no obligation, free trial.
  • A PPH is a turnkey sportsbook, racebook and online casino, all-in-one. If you are looking for an immediate online presence to take your sportsbook to a new level, then you must consider a pay per head. They can have you up and operating within a day, for nothing out-of-pocket to start.
  • Your client base is your biggest asset, take care of them and they will be faithful to you. Have an online sportsbook and casino that operates 24/7 and have one that offers all of the great sporting events and Las Vegas style slots and table games; clients will not leave.
  • The well respected PPH providers charge a nominal fee of around $10-$15 per head, per week. The good news is this; you pay nothing now, you are simply trying the product and if you like it, you keep it, try before you buy. The 2019 football season is nearing, and players will want in for both the NCAA and NFL. Now is the time to shore up your business model and move your clients to a fantastic PPH. They do all of the work for you. They are your accounting software, your lines movers and odds makers, they grade all of your bet slips, they organize your budget. Bookie software is revolutionary and if you want immediate success, this is a more than worthy investment.

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