MLB Best Bets – AL Teams to Win World Series

The American League is chock-full of unbelievable baseball talent and let’s be honest, the National League will have a hard time throwing up an opponent to beat any of the top five teams. We are not saying it can’t be done, just that it will be a difficult task. Therefore, the season is 162 games long! The 2019 MLB season is close to on top of us and the preseason kicks off in a couple of days. Now is the time to start thinking about a great future bet on the American League and who brings value to your portfolio. Will it be the Yankees, can the Red Sox repeat, what about the Astros? All three of these are great ones and we want to look at the top three for our money.

1. Houston Astros—WS 7/1 AL Pennant 14/5

The Astros won 103 games last season and they hardly broke a sweat. They made everything look easy and what’s even crazier, they lost five in a row twice and three in a row four times! Even at their worst, this club is talented, and they still won 103 baseball games. They lost 24 games in the combined losing streaks, what if they had gone just .500 in those 24 games and picked up 12 more wins? That would have given them a win record of 112 games and they would have been the best team in baseball. They can do that this year.

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There are still a few question marks surrounding a free agent or two that includes Dallas Keuchel and Charlie Morton but fear not, the Astros never hung the team’s success on Keuchel. Sure, he has had his big moments and that certainly mattered but the team will be just fine with or without him and we think better. Between Josh James and Forest Whitley, there will be no pitching woes in “H” Town. This team brings back all the wood and all the heat. At 7/1, there couldn’t be a better buy in the American League.

2. Boston Red Sox—WS 7/1 AL Pennant 3/1

The Red Sox lead the American League nearly wire to wire all season long and they earned their World Series ring. They did it with a balanced attack form some big-time hitters that includes Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Xander Bogarts, and Andrew Benintendi. It earned them 108 regular season wins and close to a sweep of the Dodgers.

They will be tough once again, but the pitching has taken a bit of a hit with closer Kimbrel being an unknown and Price aging right before our very eyes. The ball bounced perfectly for the Sox last season and it will be a difficult task for this team to find another 108 wins, however, the Red Sox are always in the hunt and they will have a great season.

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Look for them to come strong and be a consistent player with upwards of 90 wins. Will it be enough? It certainly could be. Look, pitching means a lot and the Yankees have the pen, but do they have the rotation? The Sox and Yankees will go head to head all season long and it will go down to the wire. This season is going to be a classic so definitely bet on both the Yankees and the Red Sox and you will win money. At 7/1, the World Series is a great investment.

3. New York Yankees—WS 11/2 AL Pennant 11/4

It’s all about the bullpen for the Yankees and they definitely have that with Ottavino, Chapman, Britton, Betances, Green, and Holder. These guys will be hard to get by and if you want to win this pennant, it’s probably going through the Bronx. The only question mark for the Bombers is the rotation, they are aging, or they look as if they are aging and they are not as consistent, but they have help-the Red Sox are in the same boat. Like we said above, these two are going to do battle all season long and it’s going to come down to the three teams that we have given you here. The Yankees are a great buy at 11/2, anything can happen in the Bronx and this team is well coached and well taken care of, it’s the Yankees, they are due!

All three of these teams have a fantastic chance to win the World Series and all three present great value for your betting dollar. Load up with your favorite online bookmaker and get in while the odds are a great value. The prices are sure to rise. Have fun with what promises to be a great MLB season.