MLB Best Bets – NL Teams to Win World Series

The 2019 MLB Preseason is almost over and the regular season is right around the corner. When it comes to making money betting on sports, there isn’t a better sport than baseball to get it done and in a big way. The heavy hitters of sports gambling tell the same story, year in and year out; “the fun sport to bet is football, the winning sport to bet, is baseball”. Baseball is a consistent winner, the season is long, and the wins far outweigh the losses. This is the truth sports betting fans, there is a pile of money to be made if you stay the course and are a disciplined bettor.

SOH : MLB Best Bets – AL Teams to Win World Series

The Boston Red Sox are on top of the world with their current World Series Champion crown, can it last? We think there are more than a few great teams in the National League to give this team a run for its money. Who are they? Check it out.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers—WS 15/2, NL Pennant 4/1

The Dodgers had another fantastic year in 2018 but were cut short in the World Series with a disappointing, one win. Now, we certainly think that the Red Sox are going to be a contender don’t misunderstand but the Dodgers have made all the right offseason moves to keep this team moving forward and to make this team better.

The best news is the Luxury cap, they come in under it. Who doesn’t want to play for the Blue? The Dodgers are looking for a true hitting star and they will land him and that will catapult the team even further up the road. With the signing of reliever Joe Kelly and securing a place for Kershaw to most likely retire, this team is headed in the right direction for a repeat. Skipper-Dave Roberts is locked up for another four years and that’s worth it’s weight in gold. There will be contenders for the number one spot, the Dodgers will be there all season long, but they will feel the heat.

At 15/2 or better yet, 7 ½ to 1, the Dodgers look like the best buy on the futures board when it comes to a bargain for the World Series. Get your bet secured now because this stock will rise, and the price will rise with it.

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2. Atlanta Braves—WS 15/1, NL Pennant 13/2

The Braves come off a season that jumped up and surprised baseball fans. Listen, this team was good, and they earned it. They earned their NL East Title. The Braves have (arguably) the best player in the NL with Ronald Acuna Jr. and this team finished the season 22 games over .500 in the NL East. The team can hit, they have consistent pitching that got it done all season long and they will easily be the best team in the NL East, once again. This team is making the playoffs, there is no doubt about this and the odd on to win the division is all but sold. The World Series at 15/1 is a great buy as well for one reason. As nice as we talked about the Dodgers, one never can tell what will happen at the end of the day! The Dodgers are still looking for that big hitter and looking for a few rising stars in spring training. The Braves are a fantastic buy at 15/1.

3. Milwaukee Brewers—WS 20/1 NL Pennant 10/1

Simply based on the money; the Brewers are by far and away the best bet on the board at a whopping 20/1. Right now, is the opportunity of a lifetime to jump in with a great futures investment and ride this train. Many felt that the Brewers had a better chance of beating the Red Sox than the Dodgers did, but that wasn’t meant to be when they came up short in what was a fantastic 7 game, NLCS series. The Brewers bring everybody back including Christian Yelich, who will undoubtably vie for the MVP. The Brewers have big hitters and a big rotation with Woodruff and Burnes moving up the ladder. Landing a big-name starter will make this team better than the Dodgers. Do not miss this opportunity at 20/1. This is another fantastic buy and the Brewers can make the World Series.

All these teams have a fantastic chance to win the World Series and all three present great value for your betting dollar.

The Best Longshot— Cincinnati Reds 60/1

Why not take a shot? They just signed Puig and this team is showing they want to be better now, not just rebuild. They will be good, and anything can happen. Remember the Las Vegas Golden Knights? The Reds are worth taking a shot on at 60/1

No matter who you like, what’s important is the right investment. Find a great future bet with your favorite online bookmaker and start this season out right. Find a bookie that caters to baseball and ride that “dime line” all season. 2019 is going to be one for the record books.