MLB Best Bets to Win World Series

The Boston Red Sox are a great champion and the team they put together last season was one for the books. With 108 wins on the regular season, can they repeat? Can they win another 108 games and look even close to as dominate as they were? It’s going to be a difficult task, but they will absolutely be in the hunt. There is certainly no shortage of competition with the Yankees and Astros breathing down their necks. The National league brings it just as well, with the Dodgers looking for a way back, the Braves and Brewers are going to be battling for their respective divisions-count on tough minded all-out battling in the national league. The race will be on from day one and although the season is long, this is exactly why it’s long.

MLB Best Bets – NL Teams to Win World Series

1. Boston Red Sox 7/1

The Red Sox did all the right things last year. They consistently brought the big bats and they brought the pitching and defense. It was a lethal combination from wire to wire and it saw them beat the Dodgers 4-1 in the World Series. It will however, be extremely difficult for this team to win another 108 games. They certainly have the talent to win 90 plus but 108, that will be a tall order. David Price has a perpetually sore shoulder and that is a problem, the bullpen is a problem for one reason; the Yankees have the best pen in baseball! We haven’t even talked about the Astros or the National league! Look, the Red Sox and the Yankees will do battle all season for the American League East. Whomever comes out will most likely advance to the World Series and between the Yankees and the Red Sox, we give the slight edge but it’s close. At 7/1, the Sox are a darn good bet. Include them on your futures list.

2. Houston Astros 7/1

The Astros won 103 games in easy fashion last season and were well capable of winning at least 10 more. This team could be historically good, and we still don’t know the fate of Morton and Keuchel. Keuchel has had some big moments but Houston can part ways and say thanks for the memories. He will be missed, but more by the fans than the team. The Astros have plenty of pitching and a tough pen that will close the door and close it often. Josh James and Forest Whitley add to the much-needed mix and will fill in the gap nicely. The lineup is fierce and brings back not only tough players, but superstars of the game with names such as Gonzalez, Altuve, Bregman and Springer. This team is nearly a lock to win the AL West and certainly a worthy favorite to win the 2019 World Series. At 7/1, they are easily worth an investment.

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3. Milwaukee Brewers 20/1

The Brewers are the best buy on the future board for our money. Has Vegas completely forgotten about this team and the fact that they pushed the Dodgers to seven games of the ALCS? The good news for Brewers fans, the roster hardly changes, they literally bring back everybody and that includes Yelich, a true star of the game and MVP contender. The Brewers are probably a starter away but with cap space and still plenty of time, this team is a fantastic investment at 20/1. Why not take a shot at a team that took the Dodgers deep last season?

4. New York Yankees 11/2

As always, the Yankees are once again the Vegas darlings and a favorite to win this years World Series. Are the worthy of an investment? We absolutely think so, folks, this is the Yankees and how long will they settle for being embarrassed by the Red Sox? The Yankees have the new murderer’s row with a linkup that’s hard to touch and the best bullpen in the majors, this makes them a worthy bet and a great value at 11/2. The only weakness is age in the rotation, can they overcome this? They will acquire youth, fear not for the Yankees and fear for the other guys. This team will figure it out and build a winning roster that has a chance to win the World Series. At 11/2, bet them, they are worth any serious bettors time.

Long shots:

1. Chicago Cubs 9/1

They are still a great team and still have Madden. This team will win a pile of baseball games and will be better than they were last season. At 9/1, this is a fair offering and could be a great sleeper pick.

2. Cincinnati Reds 90/1

Big offseason moves with names such as Wood and Puig make this team an instant contender. You simply can’t go wrong with 90/1. Why not take a chance on a team that has a chance? Get in quick, the number will change in a hurry.

MLB Best Bets – AL Teams to Win World Series

Have fun betting baseball this season and stick to a plan, have a budget that works and look for a great baseball player bonus with your favorite online bookmaker. The preseason is over and the regular season is has just started. There are plenty of great future investments and plenty of great teams to bet on all season. This year is going to be a fun one to follow all the way to the playoffs and World Series. Good luck.