1995 MLB Regular Season Wins Total Odds

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Lines are from the archives of NewsPapers.com

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Team Win Total Over Odds Under Odds Game number
bet settled
Atlanta Braves N/A         90 N/A
Baltimore Orioles N/A         71 N/A
Boston Red Sox N/A         86 N/A
California Angels N/A         78 N/A
Chicago Cubs N/A         73 N/A
Chicago White Sox N/A         68 N/A
Cincinnati Reds N/A         85 N/A
Cleveland Indians N/A         100 N/A
Colorado Rockies N/A         77 N/A
Detroit Tigers N/A         60 N/A
Florida Marlins N/A         67 N/A
Houston Astros N/A         76 N/A
Kansas City Royals N/A         70 N/A
Los Angeles Dodgers N/A         78 N/A
Milwaukee Brewers N/A         65 N/A
Minnesota Twins N/A         56 N/A
Montreal Expos N/A         66 N/A
New York Mets N/A         69 N/A
New York Yankees N/A         79 N/A
Oakland Athletics N/A         67 N/A
Philadelphia Phillies N/A         69 N/A
Pittsburgh Pirates N/A         58 N/A
San Diego Padres N/A         70 N/A
San Francisco Giants N/A         67 N/A
Seattle Mariners N/A         79 N/A
St Louis Cardinals N/A         62 N/A
Texas Rangers N/A         74 N/A
Toronto Blue Jays N/A         56 N/A