MLB’s Not too Early Look at 2019 World Series Winner

The 2018 MLB season seems like a vapor, it seems that it was here for a long time and then just gone in a flash. Time certainly goes in a hurry and before you know it, the 2019 season will be here and once again we can all start killing it and killing the bookie in the process! Baseball is the sport of choice for wise players, it’s the sport that every sharp player lives for. Football, basketball and hockey, they all have their place but for the serious player, baseball is where it’s at. has an in depth explanation of what his pay per head

Last season was fantastic, whether you are a Boston Red Sox fan or not, nobody can say the season wasn’t superb. It was an absolutely great season with a ton of surprises, many twists and turns and the best team in baseball ended up winning the World Series. Really, the season ended up how most of us expected. At the end of the day, the best teams were in the playoffs and the best team won. If you are a Red Sox fan, then you couldn’t be more excited for 2019 to get here. Spring training starts in about 10 weeks! Baseball is a long season and there is reason to be excited for 2019. There are a lot of great teams with winning potential.

Now that the futures odds are out, take a look at who sits at the top and the offerings being made by the oddsmakers. There are more than a few great deals to be had and it’s never to early to think of baseball as a future investment. Some of the numbers might surprise you.

MLB Baseball future odds – Live World Series Odds

This is an interesting list indeed and the order makes sense for the most part. What doesn’t make so much sense is the money. There are some fantastic early odds on some teams that are not that bad. Of course you should consider investing in Boston, Houston, the Yankees and the Cubs. These teams are all great buys and if any of them do hit—a 7/1 and 8/1 payout will be a great payday.

We all know that many of the teams on this list have a legitimate chance of making it and actually winning the World Series. Pretty much from the Red Sox to the Mets, every team within that range has some chance to make it and win it. The best buy inside that range would have to be the Rockies at 35/1. This is an outstanding buy and certainly worthy of a look. The Rockies made the playoffs and their run in the second half of the season was impressive.

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There are a couple of mid-list teams that just might be worthy of a look as well. The Mariners at 60/1 are certainly worth the time and investment, they finished with a winning record and are already making offseason improvements. The Diamondbacks took a bit of a step back but would still be worth 75/1. The team is talented and a hitter and pitcher away from really contending with the Dodgers and Rockies.

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There are no doubt some fantastic buys on this list and a few that are not worth a look. But now is the time, jump in while the numbers are in favor of the bettor. These numbers won’t last forever and remember, this is a future investment. Many sports gamblers build their football bankrolls of the back of a great baseball future bet. Check out the latest numbers with your sportsbook, call them and ask when they will be publishing their “2019 to win the World Series” odds.