Mobile Gaming Trends To Expect

Without question, the mobile gaming market is growing in leaps and bounds and is rapidly taking over the gaming arena from other platforms.

Recent statistics also back this claim as tablets have generated more than twofold the income from gaming than it did for the past three years. This will push the net worth of the social gaming sector to an astounding $17.4 billion by the end of 2020. If the numbers continue to grow at this rate, the mobile gaming platform will consistently surpass its console counterparts!

With games like real money pokies expected to flourish in the future, the question arises that what patterns and pathways will this rising market follow and what we may behold in the recent future for the mobile gaming market.

Publishers going Mobile

Activision acquired the ‘Candy Crush’ developing studio, ‘King’ a few years back in a deal worth a humongous $5.9 billion. Since this deal, more and more traditional publishers have strewn towards mobile gaming and have brought mobile games to the forefront of their franchises’ thoughts. Pioneering publishers like Bethesda, which released titles like Fallout Shelter, are also reaching for the mobile gaming community. This trend is likely to endure up until the end of 2021 and further.

Android Games flourish

Google has announced that it is spreading its wings in China and this may well mean the reintroduction of the play store in China after an unsuccessful earlier stint. This will allow the Android gaming community to experience an even wider horizon of games and apps from far reaching distances on the globe. The spectral variety of apps will be a treat for everyone and will help narrow the gap between the Apple and Google stores.

Console sales stall

Mobile gaming lags behind console and desktop gaming as of now, but with the unprecedented growth of the mobile market, no one can bet against it overtaking the scenes. Developers’ continued interest and tech advancements towards mobile gaming and online platforms like online casino Canada, the console game sales may drop by up to 40% in 2016 according to Gartner. The diversity of the mobile market and flexibility in pricing favors the mobile gaming arena and is the major underlying cause of such a trend.

PC Gaming Declines

PC gaming has experienced problems on the digital side due to the drop in browser and social games, and the shift in users over to mobile. PC browser revenues have seen a decrease since 2015 because of the transition of casual gaming to mobile devices.