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Archived NBA Futures Odds

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Year-by-Year Results

Season NBA Finals Eastern
Division Season
2024-2025 TBD TBD TBD
2023-2024 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Dallas Mavericks Div Win Playoffs Record Seed Series
2022-2023 Denver Nuggets Miami Heat Denver Nuggets Div Win Playoffs Record Seed Series
2021-2022 Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs Record   Series
2020-2021 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks Phoenix Suns Div Win Playoffs Record   Series
2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat Los Angeles Lakers Div Win Playoffs     Series
2018-2019 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs     Series
2017-2018 Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs     Series
2016-2017 Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs     Series
2015-2016 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs     Series
2014-2015 Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Div Win Playoffs     Series
2013-2014 San Antonio Spurs Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs Div Win       Series
2012-2013 Miami Heat Miami Heat San Antonio Spurs Div Win       Series
2011-2012 Miami Heat Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder Div Win       Series
2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks Div Win       Series
2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers Div Win       Series
2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic Los Angeles Lakers Div Win       Series
2007-2008 Boston Celtics       Win       Series
2006-2007 San Antonio Spurs       Win       Series
2005-2006 Miami Heat       Win       Series
2004-2005 San Antonio Spurs       Win       Series
2003-2004 Detroit Pistons       Win       Series
2002-2003 San Antonio Spurs       Win       Series
2001-2002 Los Angeles Lakers       Win       Series
2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers       Win       Series
1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers       Win       Series
1998-1999 San Antonio Spurs               Series
1997-1998 Chicago Bulls       Win       Series
1996-1997 Chicago Bulls       Win       Series
1995-1996 Chicago Bulls       Win       Series
1994-1995 Houston Rockets       Win       Series
1993-1994 Houston Rockets       Win       Series
1992-1993 Chicago Bulls               Series
1991-1992 Chicago Bulls               Series
1990-1991 Chicago Bulls               Series
1989-1990 Detroit Pistons               Series
1988-1989 Detroit Pistons               Series
1987-1988 Los Angeles Lakers               Series
1986-1987 Los Angeles Lakers               Series
1985-1986 Boston Celtics               Series
1984-1985 Los Angeles Lakers               Series

Award Winners

 Champions Odds Only

Season MVP ROY Defensive
Sixth Man
of the Year
Most Improved
1st Team
Coach of
the Year
2023-2024 Nikola Jokic Victor Wembanyama Rudy Gobert Naz Reid Tyrese Maxey 1st Team Mark Daigneault Jaylen Brown
2022-2023 Joel Embiid Paolo Banchero Jaren Jackson Jr Malcolm Brogdon Lauri Markkanen 1st Team Mike Brown Nikola Jokic
2021-2022 Nikola Jokic Scottie Barnes Marcus Smart Tyler Herro Ja Morant 1st Team Monty Williams Stephen Curry
2020-2021 Nikola Jokic LaMelo Ball Rudy Gobert Jordan Clarkson Julius Randle Tom Thibodeau Giannis Antetokounmpo
2019-2020 Giannis Antetokounmpo Ja Morant Giannis Antetokounmpo Montrezl Harrell Brandon Ingram Nick Nurse LeBron James
2018-2019 Giannis Antetokounmpo Luka Doncic Rudy Gobert Lou Williams Mike Budenholzer Kawhi Leonard
2017-2018 James Harden Ben Simmons Rudy Gobert Lou Williams Victor Oladipo 1st Team Dwane Casey Kevin Durant
2016-2017 Russell Westbrook Malcolm Brogdon Draymond Green     1st Team Mike D'Antoni Kevin Durant
2015-2016 Stephen Curry Karl-Anthony Towns Kawhi Leonard       Steve Kerr LeBron James
2014-2015 Stephen Curry Andrew Wiggins Kawhi Leonard       Mike Budenholzer Andre Iguodala
2013-2014 Kevin Durant MC Williams           Kawhi Leonard
2012-2013 LeBron James Damian Lillard           LeBron James
2011-2012 LeBron James Kyrie Irving           LeBron James
2010-2011 Derrick Rose Blake Griffin           Dirk Nowitzki
2009-2010 LeBron James Tyreke Evans           Kobe Bryant
2008-2009 LeBron James Derrick Rose           Kobe Bryant
2007-2008 Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant           Paul Pierce
2006-2007 Dirk Nowitzki Brandon Roy           Tony Parker
2005-2006               Dwyane Wade
2004-2005               Tim Duncan
2003-2004   LeBron James           Chauncey Billups
2002-2003               Tim Duncan
1987-1988               James Worthy

Regular Season Statisical Leaders

Season Scoring Rebounds Assists Blocks 3-Pointers Steals
2023-2024 Luka Doncic Domantas Sabonis Tyrese Haliburton Vitor Wembanyama Stephen Curry De'Aaron Fox
2022-2023 Joel Embiid Domantas Sabonis James Harden Jaren Jackson Jr Stephen Curry OG Anunoby
2021-2022 Joel Embiid Rudy Gobert Chris Paul Stephen Curry
2020-2021 Stephen Curry Clint Capela Russell Westbrook Rudy Gobert Jimmy Butler
2019-2020 James Harden Andre Drummond LeBron James Hassan Whiteside James Harden
2018-2019 James Harden Andre Drummond Russel Westbrook Myles Turner  
2017-2018 James Harden Andre Drummond Russell Westbrook Anthony Davis  
2016-2017 Russell Westbrook Hassan Whiteside James Harden Rudy Gobert  
2015-2016 Stephen Curry Andre Drummond Rajon Rondo Hassan Whiteside   Stephen Curry
2014-2015 Russell Westbrook DeAndre Jordan Chris Paul      
2013-2014 Kevin Durant DeAndre Jordan Chris Paul      
2012-2013 Carmelo Anthony Dwight Howard Rajon Rondo      
2011-2012 Kevin Durant Dwight Howard Rajon Rondo      
2010-2011 Kevin Durant Kevin Love Steve Nash      
2009-2010 Kevin Durant   Steve Nash      
2008-2009 Dwyane Wade          
2007-2008 LeBron James Dwight Howard        
2006-2007 Kobe Bryant Kevin Garnett Steve Nash      

All-Star Weekend

Season All-Star
Slam Dunk
2023-2024 Damian Lillard Team Pacers Damian Lillard Mac McClung
2022-2023 Jayson Tatum Team Jazz Damian Lillard Mac McClung
2021-2022 Stephen Curry Team Cavs Karl-Anthony Towns Obi Topin
2020-2021 Giannis Antetokounmpo Domantas Sabonis Stephen Curry Anfernee Simons
2019-2020 Kawhi Leonard Bam Adebayo Buddy Hield Derrick Jones Jr
2018-2019 Kevin Durant Jayson Tatum Joe Harris Hamidou Diallo
2017-2018 LeBron James Spencer Dinwiddie Devin Booker Donovan Mitchell
2016-2017 Anthony Davis Kristaps Porzingis Eric Gordon Glenn Robinson III
2015-2016 Russell Westbrook Karl-Antony Towns Klay Thompson Zach LaVine
2014-2015 Russell Westbrook Patrick Beverly Stephen Curry Zach LaVine
2013-2014 Kyrie Irving Burke/Lillard Marco Belinelli John Wall
2012-2013 Chris Paul Damian Lillard Kyrie Irving Terrence Ross
2011-2012 Kevin Durant Tony Parker Kevin Love Jeremy Evans
2010-2011 Kobe Bryant Stephen Curry James Jones Blake Griffin
2009-2010 Dwyane Wade Steve Nash Paul Pierce Nate Robinson
2008-2009 Kobe Bryant
Shaquille O'Neal
Derrick Rose Daequan Cook Nate Robinson
2007-2008 LeBron James Deron Williams Jason Kapono Dwight Howard
2006-2007   Dwyane Wade Jason Kapono Gerald Green
2005-2006   Dwyane Wade Dirk Nowitzki Nate Robinson
2004-2005     Quentin Richardson Josh Smith
1999-2000     Jeff Hornacek  
1997-1998     Jeff Hornacek  
1995-1996     Tim Legler  
1994-1995     Glen Rice  
1993-1994     Mark Price  
1992-1993     Mark Price  
1991-1992     Craig Hodges  
1990-1991 Charles Barkley        
1989-1990     Craig Hodges  
1988-1989 Karl Malone   Dale Ellis  
1987-1988 Michael Jordan   Larry Bird