NCAA Football National Championship – Updated Odds to Win

The 2018-19 NCAA Football season has two weeks left for most teams-three games, including this week. There is not a college football fan on the planet that can say this season hasn’t been one of the better ones in a very long time. It really has been spectacular. Many folks like to point out that Alabama has a weak schedule compared to other teams, such as Michigan, Ohio State and Clemson.

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We are not here to argue this point one way or the other but what we would like to point out is what those four have done this season as well as Notre Dame. All five of these teams look like they can pretty much beat anybody, but Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson are undefeated and they have literally blown everyone out. Strength of schedule certainly means something and it’s an important factor when thinking of betting on who win the Championship.

Take a look at the current odds on the top 10 teams to win the national championship:

Alabama -275
Clemson +325
Georgia +1100
Michigan +750
Notre Dame +850
Ohio State +1350
Oklahoma +2000
UCF +8500
West Virginia +5500
Washington State +8500

Live College Football National Championship Odds – 2018 Season

Alabama is the only team on the list that’s favored, everybody else is the underdog and for good reason. Forget about who you think has the best chance this year, at least for a moment-and think about what Alabama has done in the recent past. Look at the Nick Saban era.

Saban took over as head coach for the Tide in 2007 and he had a rough year. That was the end of that! Nothing has been rough since and in fact, quite the opposite. In 9 years as head coach, Saban has put together a record of 142-20. It’s a staggering number but an even crazier number; the amount of championships that he has won-5. Count them, 5. Saban has built a dynast in Alabama and close to nobody has beaten them.

Alabama would have 6 National Championships under their belt with Saban had it not been for one team, and that’s the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers put together an amazing run in 2016 and played Alabama for the championship on January 9th, 2017 and won the game by a 35-31 final.

Clemson is 10-0 as we speak and they are blowing away the competition. Alabama has blown away everyone they played but as we said earlier, strength of schedule matters. Clemson has a relentless schedule, a crazy schedule that has included Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, NC State, FSU, BC and others. There is no argument about who has the toughest schedule, it’s easily Clemson. Does this make them better? Probably not, but it certainly prepares then for what lies ahead.

What can the bookie do for me that my current sportsbook is not doing?

Alabama and Clemson are easily the favorites to win this years National Championship of college football. The rest of the way is gravy. You want to pick a few but probably not all ten. All ten have a shot and if you can afford to bet all ten, then do. Washington State is a very good football team and at +8500, why not take a shot? When comparing the field to Alabama and Clemson, everyone seems like a long shot. Look at Notre Dame, they are 10-0 and just maybe Brian Kelly has this team better and more prepared than ever before. They have a shot at this thing.

Every team on this list has a legitimate chance to win and the odds are in the players favor. Of course, only one can win it, who will it be? Call your favorite bookie and get in on the action. These numbers won’t last long.