NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship – Odds to Win-Top 4 Teams

This season is college basketball has started out in amazing fashion. It’s another year of great teams, with great players. If you are a regular, college basketball bettor, then you are in betting heaven! With the exception of possibly Villanova, the best teams from last season are back at it again.

Odds to Win the National Championship

There is no doubt that the second half of the season is going to bring some big surprises, it always does. Some of the teams that we thought would be there in the end, they let us down. Some of the team that we thought were for sure headed for a disaster, they find a way in. There is always that one small program that finds a way in, the Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere and plays the best basketball of their lives and as a number 15 seed, they beat a number 2.

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On the other hand, usually the best teams find their way into the tournament and they make noise and often go deep. Let’s take a look at the top 4 teams that have the best chance to win it all this year. Who are the top 4 teams and why? Why are they worthy of a futures bet? What makes them special and a standout right now?

Duke— 9/4
Were you really expecting any other team to be in the number one position? It seems that every year Duke makes their mark and every year Duke let’s their fans down. We say, “let down” and we use that cautiously, however, in the 2000’s, they have won the championship three times. As much as the fans are exposed to Duke, their players and the national media coverage, the casual fan could very easily get the idea that Duke has won many more championships in the last few years than they actually have. In reality, they won it in 2001, 2010, and 2015. Can they win it this year? Yes, absolutely. This team is filled with unbelievable talent and it all starts with a guaranteed NBA lottery pick in Zion Williamson. The guy is a flat-out freak of nature and he could be playing in the NBA right now. Bet on this team, because they will most likely be your 2019 NCAA Champions. They are killing it and killing everybody.

Gonzaga— 10/1

This is a great buy and a great investment at 10/1. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket with Duke. The Zags have beaten Duke this year on a neutral court. Two words come to mind when thinking about Gonzaga—Mark Few. The best coach in college basketball over the last 20 years. He will make a run, count on it, bank on it and take this bet. It could pay off huge.

Michigan— 10/1

This team is on fire, and they continue their hot start. With players such as Brazdeikis, Matthews and Poole, they will continue down this path. This team is exceptionally good and they may end up losing a game or two but they will go deep and absolutely make a legitimate run. Bet them while they are still 10/1.

Virginia— Championship 10/1

This team is legit, legit, legit, and they are blowing opponents out, such as 9-5 Boston College on Wednesday evening to the tune of an 83-56 blowout—in Boston! Bet on this team, they will go very deep in the NCAA Tournament and have just as much of a chance to win this entire thing, as anyone in college basketball.

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Have fun the rest of the way this season and don’t sell yourself short on a great futures bet. Call Americas Bookie and ask about a great bonus and their free weekly payouts. Jump in with one of the four above, one is bound to win it all.