NCAA Men’s Basketball – Odds to win 2019-2020 Championship

The 2019-20 NCAA Men’s Basketball season, is on top of us and what should you be doing to prepare? Know your teams, know who’s worthy of betting on a weekly basis and know their opponents. With more than 351 Division I teams, this is not an easy task! Make your life simpler, before the season starts – find a great handicapping site or a great game advising site. Find one that has a solid following on social media and one that comes stacked with a great reputation. Many folks out there say they are great handicappers but are they really? Find a site that is dedicated to being, the best when it comes to forecasting games and future odds.

Live College Basketball National Championship Odds – 2019-2020 Season

In college basketball, there are 32 conferences and all 351 teams are apart of the 32 conferences. Each year in March, the NCAA holds a season-ending tournament that’s better known as “March Madness”. Every conference winner (all 32 of them) they receive an automatic entry into the tournament. The rest of the teams to make it into the tournament are selected by a selection committee that is made up of prominent sports writers and coaches. Since 2011, there have been 68 teams that make up the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA Tournament is a heads up “win or goes home” event, one loss and the team is eliminated. This continues until there is a Final Four, and then a Championship game to determine the new champion.

Sports Betting Odds – Which ones are Worth a Look

Many big-named schools win their conference and get in the tournament, however, many of the conferences have very few big-name, if any and by winning their conference, they are guaranteed a spot in the tournament. Some small-time teams have gone a long way and with such a format, why not. For this reason, sports bettors love to bet on college basketball. The game is exciting, and anything can happen. The online sportsbooks are revving up to offer the best deals on player bonuses, free contests, and much more. Find a bookmaker that come with a great reputation and get ready.

2019-20 Top 10-Odds to win the Championship—

Michigan State 6/1
Kentucky Wildcats 7/1
Kansas Jayhawks 8/1
Duke Blue Devils 10/1
North Carolina Tar Heels 10/1
Louisville Cardinals 14/1
Florida Gators 16/1
Memphis Tigers 16/1
Villanova Wildcats 18/1
Virginia Cavaliers 20/1

There are more than a few great bets on this list and smart betters will play more than one. Michigan State brings everybody back and they look better than ever, Kentucky always recruits well, and they have one of the best coaches in the game with Calipari. The entire top 10 is a great bet, they all have a chance to win the championship and there are a few on the outside looking in that could also be a worthy bet.

Sports Odds History – How to Read Sports Betting Odds

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are a 25/1 favorite and that’s a bargain. Every year they are one of the very best teams and they never miss the tournament. Arizona is a storied program that always has great players and is very well-coached. The Oregon Ducks are another that could surprise the country and be great.

There are many great teams that are worth looking at this year. Be sure to find a great online sportsbook and make that deposit ahead of time. Get your future bets in now while the odds are still in your favor. Don’t delay, the odds will change quickly.