NFL is expanding the regular season to 17 games, 18 weeks

The NFL shook the world of sports last week when it announced that it's officially moving their regular season from 16 to 17 games, and an 18-week calendar overall. As surprising as it sounds, the league actually made the decision last year, and the agreement was signed in March 2020, but it was just announced recently.

An extended NFL season has many implications for sports fans and of course sportsbooks and bookies from all over the world. Fans and media take it as great news, players are probably the ones that are worried the most due to physical concerns, but the truth is that the agreement is signed, and we are going to get 18 weeks of NFL action in the new season, like it or not.

What are the most significant changes coming up in the new NFL season?

Adding one extra week of official regular season activity means that the preseason will be shortened to three games only, instead of the regular four. There was no preseason in 2020, but historically we've been used to having four weeks of preparation.

The NFL has said that more players have gotten injured during preseason games than during the regular season, so that's another way to justify adding one more week to the schedule.
Another thing we need to look at is that regular season records will probably be broken this season, as more games equal more stats coming in and it's just natural to think that many of the records that are in place right now will be left behind, with one more week of official activity, something that is not the first time to happen, because it already did when the league decided to move from 14 to 16 weeks some years ago.

What does this change mean for sportsbooks?

Obviously, more games mean more action and more volume for bookmakers, who are probably the ones who are the most excited about this official news coming out of the league. Trading one preseason game for an official regular season one is great news for bookies and for sports bettors in general.

Plus, remember that this change is not just about adding one more game and that’s it, but this means that teams will have to rethink their strategy for the season, they will be able to work around a different expected record, they will have to manage work loads in a different way. So, in the end, this extra game per team has many different implications that will make the season more interesting and will give us many more chances to bet or to receive bets.

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