Numbers to Know from the 2019 NFL Season

Numbers to Know From the 2019 NFL Season

Numbers are everything, and in the world of sports betting, it’s essential to understand that most individuals getting involved in the betting game, whether they are new or old, are moved by numbers. You need to understand that there is no doubt that there are going to be a lot of opportunities, and you can cash in on a big season, especially if you know the past.

While it should be noted that every season is completely different, there are going to be a lot of individuals that are otherwise unable to cash in on the season. Not because it’s impossible, but rather because they are uninformed. It’s very important to always look at past NFL odds history when doing your research.

Now, while numbers don’t tell the whole story, here are some numbers you should be aware of from last season.


It may be peanuts to most NFL stars, but for the average person, $1,500,000 sounds like a lot of cash, right?

Well, the truth is, that’s how much Cam Newton is getting paid for his bargain bin contract with the Patriots. The former MVP and Super Bowl-contending quarterback will don the Patriots uniform in the post-Tom Brady era and is undoubtedly bearing a lot of burden on his shoulders.

Newton has been an enigmatic force in the league, wavering from ultra-dynamic to confounding, as his rare two-way offensive skills to scramble and throw bombs is often inconsistent. The wild variance at which Newton plays means that most individuals aren’t quite sure how to handicap his performances.

But, without a doubt, players can rest assured that a Newton season with the Patriots will be one for the ages and may be a season that most folks should keep an eye on.



That’s the number of rushing yards for Derrick Henry, the seemingly superhuman running back for the Tennessee Titans, in 2019.

With astounding underdog victories over the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots in the playoffs last year, Henry powered the Titans to an AFC title run that fell short in the second half of their game against the would-be champion Kansas City Chiefs.

We all know it’s no secret Henry has cemented himself as a fixture in the modern league. The Titans have also shown that they have the potential for Super Bowl contention when quarterback Ryan Tannehill minimizes mistakes. As well, he needs to make the must-make third-down throws.

Keep an eye on Henry and the Titans as they are undoubtedly out to prove that 2019 was no fluke and could be on the radar of many free sports picks.


In 2019, Lamar Jackson led the league with 36 passing touchdowns. Combined with his virtually unstoppable dual-threat capability, he looks primed to redeem what was an otherwise disastrous playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee made the seemingly invincible Ravens look extremely mortal on that day.

The Ravens are the second most-favored squad in the AFC at 7-to-1 to win it all, only behind the Chiefs. They are a team to watch when betting the 2020 NFL season.

If you’re looking for a fair value wager with a lot of upside, the Ravens definitely deserve a look.