Online Sportsbooks Offer NFL Odds to Not Win Super Bowl LIV

The first posted odds to win the next Super Bowl are usually on the board at top online sportsbooks days after the current Super Bowl has just been won. The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII as 2.5-point favorites and they were immediately opened as favorites to claim their third NFL title in four seasons.

Top Favorites to Win Super Bowl LIV

Since that point, the betting public has gravitated towards the Kansas City Chiefs as the top favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl. One top online book has them listed at +550 favorites with New England a close second at +650.

Live Super Bowl Odds – Whats the odds of your team to win the Super Bowl

If you shop the current numbers, you might still get the Chiefs as high as +800 verse +650 odds on New England. Along with the NFC’s New Orleans Saints, these are generally the top three teams on just about every online sportsbook’s NFL futures to win Super Bowl LIV.

Rounding out the top five would be the Philadelphia Eagles at +1100 followed by the Rams at +1300. The Cleveland Browns’ odds are also +1300 along with the Chicago Bears. The Los Angeles Chargers are next at +1500 before the odds slide to +1800 for the Green Bay Packers. The Pittsburgh Steelers round out the Top 10 teams at +2000 odds.

Betting Against a Team’s Chances to Win Super Bowl LIV

In a never-ending effort to keep new and exciting betting options on the board, you can also find betting odds for teams to not win the Super Bowl this season. I would question the value in the odds given the posted numbers on the board, but with great risk comes the chance for an easier reward.

The betting odds that New England does not win the next Super Bowl are set at -900 along with the Kansas City Chiefs. They move to -1600 to bet against the Saints and to -2000 that neither the Los Angeles Rams or the Cleveland Browns will win Super Bowl LIV.

The risk goes up as you move further down the list, but would you be willing to risk $40,000 to win $100 betting that the Miami Dolphins do not win this year’s Super Bowl? There has to be a few sweet spots along the way where some outrageous risk would be worth taking to win a minimal reward.

Best Bets to Not Win Super Bowl LIV

I would start with everyone’s bandwagon favorite; the Cleveland Browns. Pure hype is driving this team’s betting odds in any number of NFL betting futures and betting props. This is a team that has not been to the playoffs since 2002. The Browns have a grand total of two winning seasons since losing in the Wild Card Round that year after going 9-7. They went 10-6 in 2007, but failed to qualify for the postseason.

Things are definitely looking up behind Baker Mayfield and Co., but taking the leap all the way to the top of the NFL as one of the top bottom feeders for so many extended seasons is a reach on every level.

The betting odds that Cleveland does not win this year’s Super Bowl are set at -2000. I would definitely bet those odds at a low unit volume.

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The Indianapolis Colts are not on the board for this prop following Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement as the team’s starting quarterback. The Carolina Panthers are on the board at -7000. Everything points towards their starting quarterback Cam Newton recovering from a sprained ankle to play against the Rams in Week 1, but this another impact player susceptible to a more serious injury at some point this season.